We never know when Netflix is going to decide to take a show off, and when they do, it's never a good thing. The dreaded "available until..." could pop up on your favorite show at any time.

After declaring myself a fraternity man, I asked my boyfriend to ask his fraternity brothers what shows they never want to be taken off Netflix and shows they wished never got taken off. I had an idea of what shows they would say because of being around them all the time, but I had no idea the list was this long!

1. Family Guy

As all of us Family Guy fans know, they took Family Guy off of Netflix and only left us 8 seasons. While we appreciate their generosity of leaving 8 seasons for us, why can't we have it all?!

2. Big Mouth

Omg, this one is still on Netflix and should never be taken off. 10/10 would recommend, but don't get too attached, there's only one season.

3. House

House was unfortunately taken off of Netflix, but it definitely deserves to be on. There were so many seasons and every episode is an exhilarating experience.

4. South Park

I have never been a fan of this one but it seems like every frat guy and their mother loves South Park.

5. House of Cards

Never seen this one, but it's still on Netflix so go watch!!!

6. Wilfred

I remember watching Wilfred on TV... I'm mad it's not on Netflix anymore.

7. How I Met Your Mother

Never seen this one either because I live under a rock.

8. The Office

The classic... It should be illegal for The Office to be taken off of Netflix. Let's hope it never leaves or else Netflix is going to receive some serious backlash from you know who.

9. Mindhunter

This is a popular one, but again I live under a rock

10. Bobs Burgers

I never thought I liked this show until it got taken off of Netflix...

11. Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Rumor has it that this one will be taken off soon, so I recommend binge watching ASAP.

Long story short, I haven't seen most of these shows but the ones I have seen make me feel like a real frat guy.