11 Rick And Morty Gifs That Sum Up College Life

Since the first episode of Rick and Morty aired, the "Back to the Future parody" has become incredibly popular among young adults, especially college students. Having the creators know that the show would be so popular, college students around the nation can easily relate to the negative comedy held within the witty characters and the adventures they pursue

1. There are more important things than sleep.

Although Rick and Morty are too busy "saving" dimension C-137, during finals week college students are too busy "trying to save" the 23% they somehow managed to pull off.

2. You begin questioning what to do with your life.

*Sees the first question on an exam* "Is it too late to drop out?"

3. You start wondering if spending the rest of your life in debt is really worth it.

$20,000 a year for at least four years? I can't even afford a decent meal from McDonald's.

4. You have no idea what is going on.

It's almost as if you would learn the same amount if you never went to class.

5. You try to hide your pain by pretending everything is fine.

"I am in great pain, please help me" -- what really runs through any college students mind when someone asks how they are doing.

6. When you realize you actually have to do things on your own.

Can we all just go back to the time where eating snacks and taking naps was acceptable?

7. That feeling when you have to write a graded rough draft before a final paper.

Funny story, I'm most likely going to create my rough draft last minute and my final paper will probably be the same with maybe three different things.

8. Trying to balance studying, work, and a social life.

These days are always the best days for taking naps and ignoring all of your actual responsibilities.

9. Driving yourself crazy from boredom during dead week.

Who actually takes this time to study for upcoming exams?

10. How you feel after you finished your last final for the year.

And gloating that you're done to those friends who still have finals left to take.

11. But after a long summer, that feeling you have when it is time to go back.

Although school may be one of the largest causes for our never ending migraines, move in day is probably one of the best days in the entire year, especially when you get to see everyone that you have missed the last few months.

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