Super Bowl 50 is coming up this Sunday. As a Winthrop student, we have the luxury of going to a University just thirty minutes from the home of the future winning team so this is definitely a Super Bowl to look forward to. Here are some reasons why you should be looking forward to Sunday.

1. Beyonce.

This needs no explanation. Just go with it. Beyonce will be performing, therefore, you will be watching.

2. Food.

Food doesn’t really need an explanation either. Wherever you go to watch the Super Bowl, there will be a 99.99 percent chance of food, unless you’re watching from your dorm. There might not be any food in there because #BrokeCollegeStudent

3. We are calling it Super Bowl 50 and using regular numbers instead of Roman Numerals.

It will be much more easy to read.

4. To see if Doritos steps their game up from last year.

Doritos always has funny commercials. Let’s see if they can do another one.

5. Cam Newton looks like the guy that bakes on High School Musical.

I think that’s a pretty good reason to watch the Super Bowl. Maybe he'll bring cupcakes to the game.

6. There will be controversy.

Coldplay and Beyonce just released a music video for their song Hymn for the Weekend, and the video has already sparked some controversy. Critics are complaining that they are making fun of Indian customs and religion. The performers will be doing the song during halftime and will surely cause an uproar for the rest of the country who hasn’t heard about the video yet so there is something to look forward to.

7. This is what Beyonce looked like last time she performed at the Super Bowl.

That was a fun show and she even surprised everyone with Destiny’s Child! (And I’m not talking about Blue Ivy). I can’t wait to see how she brings it this year.

8. Cam Newton will probably “dab on ‘em”

...Or do this.

9. Krispy Kreme.

Every time the Panthers win, you win as well because you can get a dozen donuts for $3.99 at Krispy Kreme. I’m assuming this applies to the Super Bowl as well.

10. Did I mention Sasha Fierce will be present?

11. Oh, and I think there might be some football going on as well.