11 Reasons To Love College
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Student Life

11 Reasons To Love College

Four years of life lessons and questionable decisions before becoming a real adult

11 Reasons To Love College

Asher Roth was right: I really do love college. I can name 100 reasons why, but here are my top 11.

1. Independence

College = Freedom. Without any true obligations, college is typically when we get our first taste of true independence.

2. Choosing your own classes

No more mandatory P.E. courses. Enough said.

3. Social life

In the words of the renowned, tongue-flashing artist Miley Cyrus, “La da di da di, we like to party.”

4. Eating whatever you want

I love the fact that our dining services are open until 3 am on the daily. Bless the kitchen staff for feeding us.

5. Wearing whatever you want

No more uniforms, no more adhering to dress codes. You can wear sweatpants and T-shirts every day, or go full business-professional on the regular. Either is perfectly acceptable with minimal judgement from others.

6. Sleeping whenever you want

Whenever you want, wherever you want. I have taken multiple naps a day, fallen asleep in class and in friends' dorms, and even not slept at all. What's a regular sleep schedule? I’ll be sure to let you know when I find out.

7. Recreating yourself

Honestly, nobody cares what you did in high school . This also applies to SAT/ACT scores and AP classes you took.

8. Meeting people from everywhere

From New York to Egypt to Texas to Korea to Minnesota, I have met friends from diverse areas who have educated me about their cultural backgrounds. College is the ultimate opportunity for networking . The best part is getting to visit your friends from all over the country.

9. Traveling

The college “bubble” is very real and it would be a pity to know so little about a city after living in it for four years. Explore the city and search for all its hidden gems. Go on a midnight drive, chill at a 24/7 diner, make a bucket list of places to visit. I promise that these adventures will comprise of some of your best memories.

10. No curfew

My bedtime ranges from 11pm to 6am, depending on the day of the week.

11. Finding your place

Whether it’s the people here who make you feel at home, an organization or discovering your favorite spot on campus, there are multiple opportunities to find your place at college. I hope you love college as much as I do!

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