11 Reasons To Go To TCU

11 Reasons To Go To TCU

Call me biased, but TCU is honestly the best college on Earth.

Call me biased, but TCU is honestly the best college on Earth. Here are a few reasons why if you don't already go to TCU, you should!

1. It's the perfect size.

Not too big, not too small. With 8,000 undergrad students you can't deny the small school, big school feel! You always see a familiar face throughout your day on campus, but it's not too small where you feel like you know everyone's business!

2. Our sports teams, come on!

Between baseball, football, and basketball, every season there's a fun sport to watch and cheer on! Not to mention our sports teams are super talented!

3. There's something for everyone.

Whether you enjoy Greek Life, clubs, leadership programs or intramural sports, we've got it!

4. Our academics are far from subpar.

TCU is ranked #82 in the Top 100 Colleges in the nation with Neeley Business School ranked #24 throughout the nation. Not including all of our other phenomenal academic colleges on campus!

5. You'll never be bored.

Between professional sporting games, rodeos, shopping and the world's largest honkey tonk, you'll never have nothing to do! Downtown Fort Worth is only 5 miles away from TCU's campus and Dallas is only 35 miles away, like I said, you'll never be bored!

6. Our Mexican restaurants will make you want to drink queso.

Torchy's, Chuy's, Fuzzy's....you name it, they've got queso that you'll crave for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

7. School spirit.

It's not just Superfrog that gets us excited. The TCU student body and TCU community all bleed purple, so no school function is ever boring!

8. You'll meet lifelong friends!

At TCU there are so many opportunities to meet some amazing people, but it's the people you meet at TCU that make all the difference! The friends I have made at TCU have challenged me to be the best individual I can be and they've given me some amazing memories to last me a lifetime, that's something not every school can offer!

9. The TCU Ratio.

Just about everyone knows about the TCU ratio, and if you're a college guy, TCU is pretty much your dream school solely for this reason. With at least 60% of the student body being gorgeous, intelligent females, it would be hard to turn down TCU as a freshman college boy!

10. Our study abroad opportunities are amazing.

TCU has its own specialty study abroad programs in London, Florence, Italy, Seville and Spain and coordinated with other schools for students to study elsewhere! A once in a lifetime opportunity!

11. We're not Baylor.

The best reason of all, we aren't Baylor! Enough said.

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26 Thoughts Every Farm Kid Has When Baling Hay

Every. Single. Year.

Hay is an awesome agricultural product with lots of different uses. Getting the hay though? Not always so fun. Now, there are two different types of hay people in this world; round balers and sqaure balers. Round bales? Great for livestock and require a lot of machine work. Sqaure bales though? Easier to transport but are a little more old school and a require a little more hands on heavy lifting. And no matter how much you try to mentally prepare yourself, there was no quite a summer task for farm kids than baling hay. With hay season in full swing here in Central Ohio, here are just a few thought's we all had every year baling hay.

1. Okay, it's time to bale hay, no big deal, we do this every year.

2. This is so easy! Why do I normally complain?

3. Oh yeah, that was just mowing and racking, that's always the easy part.

4. Is that a rain cloud? Better not be a rain cloud, someone check the forecast.

5. What are the chances that I'll getta just drive the tractor this year?

6. Slim to none, got it.

7. Okay, that's fine, it's not that bad.

8. These bales aren't even that heavy, this is totally fine.

9. Just kidding they get heavy after a while.

10. Why is does it always have to be so hot when we do this? I'm actually dying.

11. Man I'm not in as good of shape as I thought I was.

12. Yes (Dad/Mom/Grandpa) I promise we're stacking them tight enough.

13. Maybe they could be a little tighter, readjust.

14. Oh hey dust and allergies, I don't need to see or breath or anything like that.

15. My arms ich.

16. Need. Water.

17. Are we done yet?

18. This field never seems that big til hay time.

19. Only ___ of laps to go, I'm totally fine.

20. Man, I just wanna take a cold shower and eat everything in the house.

21. I'm gonna sleep so good tonight.

22. If one more person tries to tell me how to do this I'm throwing them head first in the baler.

23. Need more water please, time out.

24. Alright, last wagon. I. Can. Do this.

25. Hallelujah, the end is in sight, God is good.

26. ...What do you mean we still have to unload everything into the loft? I quit.

Cover Image Credit: Blake Fox

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Poetry On Odyssey: Doubt

It is time to wage war on our emotions, yet to do so we must be ready for the unknown.

What is it

Where does it come from

Why is it here

How is it so strong

When will it go away

Who even is it?

Questions on questions

They pile up higher and higher

But for what?

Is it only to be answered with another question

A question that can’t be answered,

Or can it?

Its name is doubt

Or is that even its name

I have become so unsure,

Because of its silly game.

Doubt makes us worry

Doubt makes us unwilling

Doubt makes us lost.

The very definition of doubt

Is a question

Or maybe it’s “to question.”

Doubt may be a hinder

Yet it does not cripple

For doubt can be overcome.

Our grass doesn’t have to be compared

No, not to the other side

See our grass can be watered

Watered right where we are.

It may take time,

But it will grow,

For it is proven.

We can’t question what is true

We can’t assume things we have yet to experience,

Yet we can grow what is right at our feet.

Sometimes we have to go with what we know,

And not with what we feel.

We have been given a mission

A purpose, if you recall,

Not to sit on the side

Yet to take the lead for all.

This is a stand we must make

One that will be hard to do

But hold on the promise

That we have all been there too.

For just as angst comes to prey

Doubt is by its side

But we know what’s to be done

We know how to fight

For we must only stand in the light.

Our grass will grow green

No matter how dead it seems

Don’t forget to add the water

Because that is all it needs.

You’ve got this,

Keep going,

You’re going to do great

I’m proud of you my friend

For this is not the end.

Cover Image Credit: Rex Pickar

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