11 Reasons Why ' The Sandlot' is One of the Greatest Movies Ever

11 Reasons Why ' The Sandlot' is One of the Greatest Movies Ever

Because what's better than friends, baseball, and a great summer?

As we get closer and closer to summer, I start to get more and more excited about warm weather, barbecues, and swimming; but I get especially excited about one of my all-time favorite movies: The Sandlot. Here are eleven reasons why The Sandlot is one of the best movies ever made. Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen this movie yet and plan to eventually (which you definitely should), this post contains some spoilers.

1. It's about America's Greatest Pastime

What's more American than apple pie? I don't know. Maybe kids playing baseball, America's greatest sport, on the 4th of July? How patriotic is that?

2. It's a great summer movie

The boys don't just play baseball all summer. They take full advantage of the warm weather; they go swimming, they go to a carnival, they have sleepovers in their tree house. Nothing says summer like s'mores in a tree house.

3. And speaking of that tree house...

I've always wanted a tree house, and oh boy do these kids have one heck of tree house.

4. The most iconic movie quote of all time

This quote speaks for itself. I say this at least 3 times a day and even have a shirt with the quote on it.

5. The most epic throwdown in history

I'm willing to look past this slightly sexist quote (it was the 60's after all) because Ham has got the best comebacks when the local baseball team comes to rag on the boys. Iconic insults from this scene also include "Buttsniffer!" and "You eat your Wheaties with your momma's toe jam!"

6. Squints and his true love Wendy Pefferkorn

The scene where Squints pretends to drown in order to snag a kiss with the lifeguard, Wendy Pefferkorn, is hilarious. She may seem upset at first, but we all got our first taste of adolescent butterflies after she later winks at Squints.

7. The Beast aka Hercules

When I first saw the movie, I was terrified of The Beast. That was before I realized how cute The Beast, Hercules, actually is. The only terrifying thing about him is the amount of drool that dog can produce.

8. The Babe Ruth baseball

When Smalls hits the last ball over the fence, he steals his stepfather's prized baseball signed by Babe Ruth (which also happens to get hit over the fence). Of course, Smalls doesn't even know who Babe Ruth is. I don't pretend I know anything about baseball, but who doesn't know about the Great Bambino?

9. Benny becomes "The Jet!"

Let's be honest, Benny was the best player of them all. The fact he was able to make it to the big leagues gives hope for all of us out there to chase our dreams.

10. It's relatable

Maybe you were once the new kid, or were the guy who made friends with the new kid. Maybe you were absolutely terrible at baseball, but your friends stuck with you. Either way, The Sandlot is one of the most relatable, feel-good movies out there.

11. The real message of the movie is friendship

Let's face it, this movie isn't really about baseball and a giant dog. It's about the spirit of friendship. It shows us that all you really need in life is a great set of friends.

Cover Image Credit: The Blissery

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10 Benefits Of Having Faith

Faith is a universal human experience- something that touches us all.

We all have been through negative and positive experiences, but they have shaped us for the better. Having survived them, our outlook of life might have changed. The underlying factor that allows us all to overcome difficult times is the force of faith. Faith is the complete trust in a higher power and the unknown future. Having faith allows you to gain these benefits:

1. Faith can provide inner strength.

With faith, you feel as though you are not alone.

2. Faith teaches you give back and serve the less fortunate.

Helping others in anyway will positively impact your life for the better.

3. Faith allows you to be selfless and put others first.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

4. Faith can help you to discover your purpose in life.

Passion and daily action can lead to a purposeful life. If you don’t have passion or daily action, you are missing the drive to living a meaningful life.

5. Faith helps you overcome stress, anxiety, and fear.

It gives you a sense of tranquility while living in a dangerous world.

6. Faith can be the pathway to finding solutions.

With so many variables and unknowns, faith helps us have patience, understanding, and optimism- qualities that lead to productive solutions.

7. Faith gives you a sense of hope.

Sometimes we feel lost, but faith helps us stay anchored knowing that everything will be okay.

8. Faith is a source of peace and joy.

Eternal peace can be achieved by spreading happiness and love to those around you.

9. Faith will help you get through the trials of life.

Although challenges arise, there is nothing you can’t handle with the power of unwavering faith.

10. Faith can make you a better person.

Spirituality can help you understand and highlight your qualities through self-actualization. Personal reflection and meditation through prayer will help you see life in its entirety.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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