11 Reasons To Play A Sport In College

11 Reasons To Play A Sport In College

It's the best decision you will ever make

The decision to continue playing a beloved sport in college is a tough one. For me, it was not easy to decide to play soccer in college, but I am very grateful and glad that I did. Playing soccer in college was the best decision I ever made and I do not regret it, however, playing a sport in college is a lot different than playing a sport in high school. You have to be dedicated and self-motivated to be able to continue on in college. If you are having troubling deciding if you should play a sport in college, here are 11 reasons why you should continue to play the sport you love.

1. Support

As a college athlete, you will get the support from some of the most influential people in your life. Your coaches, teammates, and trainers will help you with anything and everything you need. Everything from emotional slumps to academic goals. It is nice to have people who have your back.

2. Time Management

You are not only a student at your college or university, but also an athlete. Practice, games, tests, homework, and projects are all equally important as a student-athlete. You learn how to manage your time to get both your workouts in and do your homework and study as a student-athlete. You learn that time is valuable and waste as little of it as possible.

3. Fitness

As a college student, you will notice that many of your non-athlete friends struggle with working out and gaining weight. They just can't seem to find the time to workout and the food in the cafeteria has begun to give them the notorious "freshman fifteen." Student athletes already have their workouts built into their schedule and learn proper nutrition for their bodies, so they avoid weight gain and unhealthy habits. Your body will thank you for playing a sport in college.

4. Academic Motivation

Most college athletic programs require a minimum GPA to be eligible to participate in competitions and games. As a student-athlete, your grades must be above the minimum GPA of both your institution and athletic division so that you can play. Coaches also make sure their athletes are keeping up with their grades and will even encourage team study tables so that the team makes grade requirements


5. Financial Aid/ Scholarships

A bonus to continuing to play the sport you love is that many (however not all) college athletic programs will give you a scholarship or some sort of financial aid for playing. Although plenty of student-athletes play in college not just for the scholarships, it is nice to be rewarded for all the time and effort you put into your sport.

6. Stress Reliever

College is hard and the bottom line is is that it is stressful. Students are overwhelmed in college and need something to help reduce their stress. Playing a sport in college is the perfect way to let off some steam and take a break from all the studying, homework, and projects. Physical activity helps reduce stress and anxiety and will make you a better, happier student.

7. Gives You Energy

College students are commonly said to be lazy and tired all the time. If you are a student-athlete though, you will most likely have more energy than your non-athlete friends. Physical activity helps pump more oxygen and blood throughout the body to all your body systems. The more oxygen and blood pumped, the more active you will feel. The extra energy you gain will help you manage your busy schedule and get everything done.

8. Friendships

Your teammates will become some of the most important people in your life. As a freshman, your teammates will be some of the first people you meet when you get to campus. You spend hours each day with your team at practices and games and will get very close with them very easily. Many of your best friends will be your teammates if you decide to play a college sport.

9. Sense of Purpose

Being a part of something makes you feel like you have a purpose. By playing on a college athletic team, you will feel like you are important to the team and will develop a sense of purpose. Each member of the team is valuable in different ways. You really feel like you belong and are an asset to your team as a college athlete. When you achieve both your individual and team goals, you will get your sense of purpose.

10. Commitment and Dedication

College athletes learn valuable lessons. Playing a sport in college is somewhat similar to having a job. If you don't show up to practice, your position on the team is in jeopardy. Sometimes it is hard to choose to stay in when your friends are going out because you have practice in the morning, or you wish you could go to the movies, but you have a game. However, as a college athlete, you must be dedicated and committed to the team. Learning to be committed and dedicated is important, because once you graduate, you will have to be committed to the career you choose.

11. Deepen your Passion

You have loved this sport your whole life, and the opportunity to play in college is a blessing not everyone has. If you get the chance to play in college, take it. High school athletes take playing a sport for granted, and as a college athlete, you are given the opportunity to continue to do what you love for the next for years.

Cover Image Credit: St. Ambrose Athletics

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Sports Are Important For Kids

Not only do they teach valuable life lessons, the social aspects that come along with these activities are so important as well.

Growing up I was always playing some type of sport. Whether competitively or just playing outside shooting some hoops. At one point when I was in high school, I would be playing multiple sports at the same time. Why would I do this? Sports taught me life skills that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else and because of this, I fell in love with them.

Soccer was my favorite sport to play. It was competitive while being a team sport, and it was the thing that brought me my best friends. It also taught me the most life lessons.

I believe sports are so important for kids to engage in. Not only do they teach valuable life lessons, the social aspects that come along with these activities are so important as well.

While participating in a team sport, kids learn how to deal with tough people and how to thrive under pressure. Sometimes teammates aren’t always going to get along. Personalities clash but it is important to learn how to deal with difficult people because that is a skill that you are going to use for the rest of your life. In order to be successful, teammates have to learn to work together.

Another aspect that sports build up is confidence. When doing something you love you will most likely be good at it. Because of this, sports help kids develop a self-worth, something that they are passionate about. This helps build up self-confidence that can be translated into the classroom and everything that kids love to do.

Sports also keep kids busy which can help them stay out of trouble. Especially with teenagers, it is important to have an activity to do outside of school so that kids do not get bored. This helps them get involved with positive activities and healthy relationships that can create a bright future.

Sports have given me amazing friendships that I would have missed out on if I hadn’t been involved. It has also given me life skills and characteristics that I still use today.

Sports teach kids valuable lessons that keep them entertained and help build valuable life confidence and skills. This makes for happy, productive people.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Shaun White Just Won His Third Gold Medal, And That Seems To Be More Important Than His History With Sexual Abuse

Shaun White brushes off questions of his prior abuse following his third gold medal win.

Shaun White won his third olympic gold medal Wednesday for his run on the men's halfpipe. In a brief press conference following the win, White was reluctant to take any questions that didn’t pertain to his performance.

The subject of sexual assault accusations and civil suit by his former bandmate Lena Zawaideh was brought up by only one reporter in the conference. The civil case in question began in 2016 when Zawaideh came forward with the allegations and evidence of White’s abuse going back almost a decade. They settled in 2017.

The case -- that seemed to have been kept from the public's attention as it was ongoing -- was not a topic that White was willing to even address.

As two female reporters had their hands raised for the entirety of the conference were left unnoticed, White was thorough in answering questions regarding his athletics. When questioned about the case with Zawaideh and the possible effects on his reputation, White seemed unconcerned with the issue.

“Honestly, I’m here to talk about the Olympics, not gossip,” said White in response to reporter Matt Gutman from ABC News.

Mixed reactions to the conversation spread immediately over social media. Many people were quick to say that this should be left out of the sports world. Scrolling through the comments on a Youtube post of the press conference, there were endless responses of support for White that harshly criticized Gutman.

As we have seen in the past year with NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem, people become enraged when the focus is drawn away from sports and onto greater social issues. Especially when the focus is being drawn away by any cause that supposedly harms patriotism.

Some argue that White represents our country in the Olympics, so why should we as Americans not support him?

The better question is, why do we want a sexual abuser representing our country?

By referring to the incident as gossip, White seeks to belittle and undermine Zawaideh’s experiences and voice as a survivor of sexual abuse. White athletic success comes a sense of power, one which we seem time and again being used to exploit others.

With the prominence of the “Me Too” movement rising, it will be hard for White to keep the allegations in the past. Twitter erupted Wednesday after the press conference with responses of disgust and disappointment.

For the future safety of women in our society, we should question our reluctance to check the power of those at the top. Where are our priorities culturally if we believe success in one's field outweighs their abuse of another human being?

White has since publicly apologized for his statement saying, "it was a poor choice of words to describe such a sensitive subject in the world."

But in order to show true accountability and remorse, White should step up and acknowledge his own actions and abuse of power.

Cover Image Credit: @shaunwhite

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