11 Reasons Why Having A Guy Best Friend Is A Necessity

11 Reasons Why Having A Guy Best Friend Is A Necessity

They are unlike any other friend you will ever have.

Brooke Lehr

Every girl has her group of girls to help her out and be there for her, but she also almost always has the blessing that is known as a guy best friend. A guy best friend is probably the most valuable friend to have as a female -- they are comforting, protective and drama-free in ways that most girl friends can't be. So this one is for all the guy best friends out there. Thank you for everything you do. We love you. Ladies, if you don't have a guy BFF, here is why you should get one:

1. They are honest with you.

They will straight up tell you the truth if you ask them for their opinion on your outfit, your boy or your life in general.

2. They are always down for some food.

When your girls play the "I'm not hungry" or the "I just ate" card, your guy BFF will pull through and always agree to shove more food in his mouth regardless of the last time he ate.

3. Hugs.

Let's be real: there are girl hugs and there are guy hugs, and the guy hugs always win. There is nothing more comforting than the giant bear hug you get whenever you are upset -- or when you just want some comfort in general.

4. They are protective.

Guy friends always have your back, and they aren't afraid to make others see that if needed. It is nice to know someone is always in your corner.

5. They don't buy into the drama.

Fighting with the girls? That's alright -- just go hang out and cool off with your guy BFF. They don't care who said what about who; they have better things to worry about.

6. You can be yourself around them.

Trust me, he does not care what you look like without make-up on or if your hair isn't curled. If he is okay with being your best friend, then you can practically hang out with him in a gorilla suit and he wouldn't care.

7. They are able to see through you.

If you come near them and are upset, they automatically will sniff it out and force you to tell them what happened.

8. The guy brain is easier to understand.

Having guy troubles in the relationship department? Your guy best friend can easily tell you what is most likely going on in that confusing situation of yours.

9. When he tells the truth, he doesn't sugar-coat it like the girls do.

He isn't afraid to hurt your feelings, so if you need to hear something, you're going to hear it straight up. This is always a refreshing quality to find in a friend.

10. Want to try something the girls would never think of doing?

Having a guy best friend allows you to be "one of the guys" every so often when being a girl is just too exhausting. Go ahead -- go venture around in the middle of nowhere, sit around watching sports all day or learn to change a tire. The possibilities are endless.

11. At the end of the day, you know he will always be by your side whenever you need him to be.

Girls bring a lot of drama into friendships, and sometimes you aren't sure who actually is always there when it comes down to it, but your guy always pulls through with whatever comfort you need.

Thank you, best friend. You're the bomb.

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