Yesterday, my roommate and I were at Sonic getting some dinner. While there, I was thinking about how Sonic seems to be one of the few fast food restaurants that everyone loves. I decided that we needed a list of all the reasons to love Sonic, as there are so so many. Please enjoy.

1. The Drinks

SO MANY COMBINATIONS. Do you want a classic Cherry Limeade? How about a Dr. Pepper with vanilla and cherry? You can also have a blue slush with Nerds in it. The possibilities are endless, and for that, we rejoice.

2. Full Menu ALL DAY

Sometimes you're craving a hamburger at 10:30 in the morning. Most times you'd prefer to eat french toast sticks at 11 o'clock at night. Sonic gets it.

3. Tots

Does anyone even order fries at Sonic?

4. Half Priced Shakes

They usually only do this during the summer, but it is only MARCH and they have already started! When you have an ice cream craving at 10:00 pm, no worries. Sonic has half-priced shakes after 8.

5. It's a Drive-In

What's better than a waiter who comes directly to your vehicle? Nothing. Sonic wins the trophy.

6. Happy Hour

Not only do they have the World's Best Drinks, but from 2-4 every day they are half priced! You can get ANY drink (including slushes) for less than a dollar! What a beauty.

7. The Commercials

You can deny it all you want, but everyone secretly enjoys the Sonic commercials. Do those guys do anything but eat at Sonic? Probably not. Not that we can blame them.

8. Ice Cream

Sonic has so many ice cream choices and it is all SO DELICIOUS.

9. Roller skating Car Hops

Before going to a Sonic, you never knew that you wanted your food delivered by someone wearing roller skates, but now you can't imagine it any other way. Sonic is revolutionary.

10. The Ice

Sometimes I get a drink from Sonic just so I can eat the ice. How they manage to get the perfect balance between crunchy and soft ice will forever remain a mystery.

11. The Variety

Sonic is a place everyone can agree on. One person wants a hot dog, another wants a grilled chicken sandwich, and still another wants a breakfast burrito. Sonic is there for you in your time of indecisiveness.

So thank you, Sonic, for being such a marvelous place. We love you forever.