11 Reasons Dean Winchester is the Perfect Man
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11 Reasons Dean Winchester is the Perfect Man

He's more than just the most beautiful man on the planet.

11 Reasons Dean Winchester is the Perfect Man

Dean Winchester is by far my perfect man. Beyond his ruggedly handsome looks, Dean Winchester is absolutely flawless, and here are a few reasons why everybody needs their own Dean.

1. He's hilarious.

Dean Winchester doesn't take himself or anyone else too seriously. He'll literally be seconds away from death and still would be cracking jokes.

2. He's great with kids.

"Okay, if I put you down, you gonna be a man about it?"

This big tough man, is actually amazing with kids. He'll hum "Smoke on the Water" to help them fall asleep, give them advice on how to deal with bullies, and teach them how to respect their mothers. Despite not looking like a family man, he's great with kids.

3. He's got great taste in music.

Billy Squier, Styx, Led Zeppelin, and all the classic rock you can listen to for miles. He's always ready to rock out in baby to his old cassette tapes.

4. His baby.

He loves that car more than anything. This '67 Impala has been wrecked, and keyed more times than the fandom can count, and each and every time Dean has fixed up his baby back to perfect condition.

5. He's a closeted nerd.

From LARPing to making different Sci-Fi references, Dean Winchester is a huge nerd even though he tries to hide it.

6. He's actually a big softy.

Beyond his rough exterior, Dean Winchester is just a big teddy bear.

7. He's loyal to a fault.

Dean will willingly sacrifice himself for the people he cares about, knowing it will kill him. But he's okay with it because he would rather get himself killed than have his friends or family die while he lives.

8. He loves his family.

He loves and cares for anyone he considers his family. He will do absolutely anything necessary to protect and take care of them.

9. He's smart.

He knows how to fix cars, kill monsters, exorcise demons, save the world, and stop the apocalypse. Twice. He may seem like the grunt, warrior type, with nothing else to him, but he's actually much smarter than he leads on.

10. He's sassy.

Dean Winchester: Sass master.

11. He kicks ass. Big time.

This man has died hundreds of times, been to both Hell and Purgatory, been on the top of the FBI's most wanted list, making him the definition of a Bad Ass Mother F***er!

Some women want their own Christian Grey, Ryan Gosling, or Jack Dawson. They can have them all to themselves, I'd much rather have my very own Dean Winchester.

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