11 Reasons Why Chuck Bass Will Always Be My Favorite Gossip Girl Character

A list of must-haves for every teenage girl includes Starbucks, a refreshed page of Instagram and, of course, watching every episode of Gossip Girl. I recently embarked on the perilous but thoroughly-enjoyable roller coaster ride that is Gossip Girl. It was full of emotional upheaval and many, many hours of not leaving my room and laptop because I was too engrossed in the lives and lies of the Upper East Side. One thing I noticed throughout my life-changing experience was that my love for the anarchist (only at the beginning of the show) grew tremendously. Chuck Bass will forever be my favorite Gossip Girl character.

1. Although he was not the most dashing guy out there in the beginning of the show...

2. By the end of the show, he is straight-up attractive.

Everyone goes through a bad stage at some point in their lives. That was his permissible time-period of unattractiveness, but then he graced viewers with this remarkable transformation.

3. His style is impeccable.

Even he admits that he always looks dashing, be it in his three-piece suits or his crisply-ironed slacks and polos.

4. His "Chuck Bass" smirk

If only he looked at all of us like this...

5. He is a good friend to Nate, despite their incessant fighting and complaining.

Friendship goals, I swear.

6. His love for Blair overshadows everything.

I can honestly say that for most of the latter part of the show, every girl wished that she were Blair.

7. His confidence is exuberant.

8. His charm creates an even more appealing persona.

9. His independence adds to his mystique.

Due to being left alone and forgotten by his father, and his mother supposedly dying in childbirth, Chuck is left on his own and made to fight for himself throughout the show.

10. Despite this, he truly wants to have a family and to be loved.

He says the quote above to Lily, his adoptive step-mother, whom he adores. Lacking a family that loved him, Chuck becomes extremely close to Lily, loving her far more than he would ever love his birth mother, treating her with respect and graciousness.

11. He's Chuck Bass.

-xoxo Gossip Girl (just kidding)
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