11 Places In Ohio To Visit This Fall
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11 Places In Ohio To Visit This Fall

Autumn - Where Ohio's True Colors Come Out

11 Places In Ohio To Visit This Fall

One of the things I have always loved about my home state of Ohio is its beautiful transition into fall. As the leaves begin to change color and the weather starts to get cooler, parks, events and other attractions throughout the state host a number of fun fall activities for residents. From Cleveland to Cincinnati, there will be something for everyone.

1. Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

Treat yourself with a train ride through the beautiful, scenic woodlands of Ohio with a train ride I've taken since I was eight years old. The train goes through Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Peninsula, Ohio, and you will be able to see about three hours worth of beautiful fall foliage.

2. Hocking Hills

While Hocking Hills makes for a great summer weekend getaway, visiting in the fall makes the experience even better! From camping to horseback riding to rock climbing, Hocking Hills is the ideal place to visit with a large group of friends. Plan a visit on their website.

3. Halloween Weekends at the Cedar Fair parks

One of personal favorites on this list are the Cedar Fair Halloween weekends. Cedar Point's Halloweekends are a blast for anyone: late hours, haunted houses and, of course, roller coasters! While I have not visited Kings Island, their Halloween weekend specials are a must see.

4. Apple picking

Amidst the corn fields and forests of Ohio are many, MANY apple orchards. There are plenty of local orchards to choose from!

5. Spending a day at Hueston Woods State Park

I visited Hueston Woods one time, and in the few hours I was there I fell in love. The scenery is beautiful, there's plenty to do, and you can stay the night in the gorgeous resort there.

6. Visiting Amish Country

You should make it a point to visit Amish Country at least once. A day or even an afternoon away from technology is refreshing. Instead, purchase locally made goods, eat locally grown food or even watch a glass blowing demonstration.

7. Going to an Ohio State football game

Nothings says fall like a college football game. Sure, we have the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals, but The Ohio State University's football game brings the same amount of fans, if not more than the NFL teams.

8. Scare your pants off at a haunted house

Ohio is home to some of the scariest haunted houses and corn mazes in the country.

9. Check out the Metro Parks Schedule

If I'm low on cash and have a car on hand, one of my favorite things to do is drive through the Metro Parks. You can fish, picnic, bike, hike and so much more for free in the valley.

10. Go back in time at the Renaissance festival

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Trust me when I tell you there are plenty of festivals to visit this fall from the Woollybear Festival in Vermillion to the Washboard Music Festival in Logan. The one that caught my eye, however, was Ohio's Renaissance festival located in Waynesville. You can watch knights joust toward victory or buy goods made from the hands of local craftsman. I didn't even know we had such a neat festival here!

11. Visit the Ohio caverns

While Ohio Caverns is not just limited to a fall activity, they are a must see for everyone. Take your newly reunited college friends, take your family or make a trip for yourself to see these spectacular stalagmites in Dayton, Ohio

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