11 Pictures That Will Feed Your Sam Ponder Obsession
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11 Pictures That Will Feed Your Sam Ponder Obsession

Because we all have #familygoals, right?

11 Pictures That Will Feed Your Sam Ponder Obsession

It is no secret Samantha Ponder is America's sweetheart sports reporter. Men want to marry her, women want to be her and I want to steal her child. No need to call the authorities, I probably won't act on that, but I seriously #FanGirl over her 1-year-old child. I'm not the only one, though.

Sam and Scout Ponder are bringing a new fanbase to college football. Women and men alike are OBSESSING hard over Sam Ponder. I know, because I am one of them.

Recently, I was able to go backstage at ESPN's College Gameday, and I was so starstruck, I couldn't move when I saw her. I find myself waking up early on Saturday mornings just to watch College Gameday and see what she is wearing.

She is beautiful yet knowledgeable about football, which is why men love her. But she is also incredibly feminine and fashionable, which is why women love her.

Here are 10 images that will feed my your obsession with Sam Ponder and her entire family:

1. #SquadGoals

TAKE ME TO THE ZOO WITH YOU! I will be your nanny for free. Honestly, I would do anything you want me to! I just want to get in a photo booth with little Scout wearing giraffe ears.

2. #GirlBoss

Sam has taken over as the number one female in the sports broadcasting industry. She makes me WANT to be a female sports broadcaster because she ROCKS at it!

3. #MomGoals

Sam is the ultimate mom. She is a role model for young girls everywhere. But what she might not know is that her little girl, Scout, is the apple of most college girls' eye. We get concerned when she doesn't post a picture of Scout for more than a week because we are in love.

4. #JobGoals

Sam lives the ultimate dream of working for College Gameday. We all watch Saturday morning, wishing to be the female broadcaster, but Sam Ponder lives this dream. She gets to work with the legends, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit. This is the absolute dream.

5. #HairGoals

Let's be honest here. The balayage doesn't get much better than this...Ombré was a trend for a while, but Sam has perfected the faded hi-lite look.


6. #BabyGoals

**Not to be confused with #MomGoals.

Scout Ponder is equally as loved as her mother. People are loving Scout, and I am one of them. Scout has a highly followed Instagram account, just like her Mommy.

7. #SpiritualGoals

Not only is Sam a fabulous mother and broadcaster, she is an incredible Christian. She loves Jesus and isn't afraid to show it.

8. #SelfieGoals

Kim Kardashian has NOTHING on Sam. She knows the angles and is going to USE them!


9. #ClosetGoals

With the exception of the weird half Kardash-Bun half drug-bun, she has the most desired wardrobe in the sports world. Erin Andrews used to be the coveted wardrobe, but Sam has taken the torch from her.

10. #LegGoals

Is this Sam Ponder or Barbie? Honestly, who ACTUALLY has legs like this?? I want to know her leg workout. I honestly think I would pay for it.. Maybe she should make a workout tape.. JUST SAYING!

11. #FaceOnBusGoals

This girl has her face on a bus... I mean, does it get better than that? Face. On. A. Bus.

Needless to say, we have so many Sam Ponder goals. She is a beauty, a good Christian, and a fantastic mother. Does it get better than that? We love you, Sam (and I am speaking for girls all over the country)!

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