11 Lessons I Learned From Mark Sloan

I don't know why but I loved Mark Sloan as a character since we walked on screen. He might have been a terrible person in the beginning, or at least that's the way he was portrayed but he changed so much thanks to the people he had surrounded himself with, like Callie and Lexie. I'm not going to lie though, I'm still mad that he and and Lexie never got married. Thanks, Shonda... Anyways, here are 11 lessons that I learned from Mark Sloan.

1. Always tell someone you love them.

2. Always walk tall.

3. Saying goodbye is the hardest part.

4. Support and respect are not the same.

5. Some people will see you better than you will ever see yourself.

6. No matter how broken you are, someone will be able to put you back together someday.

7. Sometimes you can't help loving people.

8. You know you love someone when you just want to make them happy.

9. Not everything is a game.

10. You can't start over.

11. Sometimes things are real.

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