11 Lessons Having A Brother Taught You

11 Lessons Having A Brother Taught You

Whether he is young or older, a brother can teach you some awesome life lessons.


Being a girl and growing up with a brother, whether he is older or younger, can teach you some amazing life lessons. When you are a kid you can see them as gross or dirty, but also as someone who has your back when someone picks on you. Now, as a young adult, your brother can be your best friend and someone that will always have advice for you.

1. He taught you to be patient.

Growing up with a brother you have to deal with the constant pranks or jokes that they will throw at you, but as much as it made you angry then, you now have a greater handle on your limits of frustration.

2. He taught you to stand up for yourself.

Yes, women can stand up for themselves without a guy. However, I'm sure if you have a brother at some point, he was there to stand up to your bullies. He taught you that no one is allowed to hurt you and that you are strong enough to stand up to them, too.

3. However, he also taught you that it is OK to depend on someone, too.

Sometimes it's hard to find that courage to face your fears, and your brother was there for you and willing to help you with any problem.

4. He taught you how to be loyal.

A brother-sister bond can be fiercely strong. You can't hurt one and expect the other to be cool with you.

5. He taught you that you will never have to hire a moving service.

All brothers are willing to help their sister with no charge for the right kind of motivation like that thing they did that they don't want Mom to know about.

6. He taught you that it's OK to just goof off.

Having a brother is like always having a friend that is willing to just lay there and do nothing with you, or someone to team up with to prank the other siblings.

7. He taught you that you will always have a supporter.

Older or younger, your brother has been your supporter from day one and makes sure no one will stop you from doing what you want.

8. He taught you what competition was.

When you were younger, you and your brother's biggest rivalry was probably over some game, but that taught you to always strive for the best for yourself.

9. He taught you how to be honest.

There will never be anyone more honest than a brother. He will not hold back the truth. You do not even have to ask. He will tell you straight up.

10. He taught you it's OK not to be "ladylike."

From day one, girls have been criticized about the way you act and how if it's not ladylike then it's wrong; having a brother completely changes that. He taught you that it is OK to make fart jokes and speak your mind.

11. He taught you that this bond is forever and nothing will drive him from you.

Love you, brother.

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