11 Goals You Should Set This Summer
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11 Goals You Should Set This Summer

11 Goals You Should Set This Summer (and how I'm actually trying to reach them; you should too!)

11 Goals You Should Set This Summer
Undergrad Success

Before I move to Oberlin next fall, I made a list of goals that I would like to reach over the summer! I would like have a much healthier lifestyle, and I would like to encourage you to make these your goals as well! Now, I present to you the 11 goals that I am setting for the summer (and how I am trying to achieve them).

1. Get organized

Although I can be a somewhat messy person, I believe that being too disorganized can prohibit you from thinking clearly because there's no order.

How I'm doing it: I started to clean out by throwing away old papers from high school and putting the ones I want to keep into storage. Then, I organized mementos (such as concert programs, holiday and birthday cards from relatives, and the like). After I cleaned out and reorganized, my goal for the summer is to keep everything that way! Trust me, I felt a LOT better afterward.

2. Read More!

Another big goal of mine is to read more over the summer. Unlike some people, I read extremely slow, so I figure that the only way to get better is to read! Plus, you can't go wrong with reading a book any day.

How I'm doing it: I plan on joining my local library's summer reading program fr young adults. Most libraries offer this over the summer, and they might even give you an incentive (i.e. a prize of some sort) to finish your reading log. Also, at my job, I usually have some downtime, so instead of using up the cellular data on my phone to go on the Internet, I'm going to take a book along! Right now, I am reading A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which is part of the Sherlock Holmes stories!

3. Practice yoga

Yoga and meditation is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy exercising. It honestly just gives you a better peace of mind and a more positive outlook on life! (And who wouldn't want that?)

How I'm doing it: I started the "30 Days of Yoga" Challenge! Just hop on over to YouTube, and there is a video series called "Yoga with Adriene" that presents this challenge. She also has just some great videos on yoga in general. There's no better way to start the summer than a month of yoga! Here is the Day 1 video below:

4. Running

I try to make running or walking a habit when I have the time. Let's face it though, during the school year it's rough to try and fit it in. However, summer can be an awesome time to start again!

How I'm doing it: I try to get up in the morning around 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and head out. It's much cooler to go in the morning, and then you also get it out of the way for the day. Just going on a thirty minute run/walk is better than none at all! In the end, thirty minutes isn't that much time to spare!

5. Find a new hobby

Occupying yourself over the summer with a new hobby is a great way to stay off the couch and do something productive! For me, I love DIY and crafting because it makes me feel like I am actually making something with my own hands and it's fun! It's also a great way to relax.

How I'm doing it: I just bought new origami paper and hemp cord to make bracelets! Quick, easy, productive, and they both make great small gifts! Pinterest is a fantastic resource for all your crafting needs.

6. Write

Write more because it is good for the mind and sou! Write about anything! Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a good way to get it off your mind. I think it also helps you to be more positive about yourself!

How I'm doing it: I'm writing for Odyssey Online, of course! Deadlines help me reach my fullest potential and goals. In addition, I want to start a blog this summer or participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This occurs in the summer, and you can set your own word count goals.

7. Eat healthy

I'm trying to eat healthier now so I don't gain the freshman fifteen later! Getting into healthier habits is by far my hardest goal for the summer.

How I'm doing it: First, I'm a vegetarian, so it definitely makes my quest easier. If I have a snack at night, I usually go for an apple with Greek yogurt or a cup of popcorn (SmartFood Delight is where it's at!). I'll also eat applesauce packets as well! I'm trying to pack in leafy greens and vegetables through salads, wraps, and pita pockets, and I am getting some of my protein through eggs. Moderation is key, and I'll sneak in a miniature KitKat here and there. If you're not vegetarian, I suggest maybe having one meal a week that is meatless!

8. A normal sleeping schedule

This works hand-in-hand with the last goal. Honestly, if you don't get enough sleep, it will throw off your healthy habits!

How I'm doing it: I try to go to bed around midnight and wake up between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. This is so much better than going to bed at 3:00 a.m. and waking up at noon. Most importantly, find what works for you, just make sure you aren't sleeping your day away!

9. Watch TV shows/movies you've always wanted to watch

It's hard enough trying to watch your favorite shows during the school year, let alone starting a new series. Take the time now to watch some! It's summer after all!

How I'm doing it: I'm keeping a mental watch-list of shows and movies that I would like to see soon. Whenever I find I have an hour or so of downtime, I'll remember to watch, or if I'm looking to relax, I will definitely start a new series of anime (my anime list gets longer by the day).

10. Relax

I'm always pushing myself to the limit, so I barely ever have time to "chill" ("chill" is barely a part of my vocabulary as it is).

How I'm doing it: One of these days, I'm going to just do nothing.

11. Get ready to go to college!

This summer is such a transitional one because so much change is occurring! I am chock full of dorm decor ideas, but I am also bogged down with stress about a new beginning! However, I realize that time will take it's course. Nevertheless, if I can achieve all of these goals this summer, setting them in college will be a breeze!

How I'm doing it: I'm just trying to live in the moment and enjoy life as it comes! So should you!

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