11 Food Items I Have In My Dorm Room And You Probably Do Too
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Student Life

11 Food Items I Have In My Dorm Room And You Probably Do Too

Turns out it's not "Skinny Pop" if you eat the entire bag in one sitting... Who knew?

11 Food Items I Have In My Dorm Room And You Probably Do Too

College is a very interesting time. You're out of the house and probably without access to a kitchen. Thanks to the 24-hour CVS next to campus and a complete lack of self control, I have quite the assortment of less than healthy snacks in my room. Needless to say, my snack drawer is filled with enough preservatives that this stuff will be good until at least graduation.

1. Valentine's chocolates I bought on clearance at CVS on February 15th my adorable boyfriend got me.

Isn't he the greatest?

2. One lone granola bar.

My first semester, I lived on granola bars. I'm not kidding; my room actually was the Nature Valley. All I have to say on this matter now is that crumbs became my third roommate.

3. A can of Pringles with literally one Pringle in it.


4. A bag of Cheez-Its.

Do not let the re-sealable container fool you:at this point this bag contains zero Cheez-Its and is actually a sad container of orange dust which you will attempt to eat anyways.

5. Coffee Pods.

Not really a food, but vital for survival, so I thought they deserved a spot on this list. DISCLAIMER: please do not eat these pods.

6. Oatmeal.

I'm going to be honest; I saw pumpkin spice flavored oatmeal packets on sale the other day at Target and COULD NOT BE TAMED. I looked like I was at Best Buy during Black Friday, but instead of my car being filled with half-price electronics and the blood of whoever got in my way, it was filled with instant oatmeal.

7. Grapes.

Okay, okay, "wine."

8. Peanut butter.

At home, it's just a topping for your sandwich. In college, it's a way of life.

9. Popcorn.

Turns out it's not "Skinny Pop" if you eat the entire bag in one sitting... Who knew?

10. Cheese Sticks.

Actually just the empty package in the fridge. These things are the dorm food equivalent of gold. The pack of eight was legitimately gone in a single day. No cheese was safe.

11. Ramen Noodles.

These came in a care package from my high school during my first semester. I have neither the stove nor the willpower to make this expired block of sodium, but having Ramen in my dorm room does make me feel ~so college~

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