11 Things English Majors Can Relate To

11 Things English Majors Can Relate To

We like books instead of calculators, and we aren't sorry about it.


Being an English major is not as easy or less time consuming as everyone believes it to be. We all actually work extremely hard throughout the entire semester and sometimes it still isn't hard enough. Our professors do not talk at us, they talk to us, which allows us all to form our own opinions on several subjects. The open-ended essays can get tricky sometimes and force us to think outside of the box. Unlike math and science majors, nothing is completely set in stone or logical, everything can be questioned or argued in a different direction. There are many aspects of being an English major that are different from any other major, and there are many jabs made at English majors by almost every other major there is. We aren't "taking the easy route"-we are here just as you are, working just as hard as anyone else, and we should be respected like everyone else. If you are an English major here are some things you most certainly can relate to:

1. You have been called a grammar nazi/the grammar police and you embrace it.

2. When you get your books for class, you're excited about at least one no matter how much you try not to be.

3. Your friends complain about essays, but that's the only thing you don't mind doing for school.

4. You have experienced the ultimate writer's block.

5. People think you're crazy for voluntarily reading books.

6. You might be addicted to buying new journals.

7. Your friends ask you to proofread their essays, and you don't mind (most of the time).

8. Whenever you say or write something that isn't grammatically correct you want to cry.

9. You are constantly told how poor you are going to be once you are out of college.

10. You have the urge to correct your friend's social media posts/texting errors whenever it is needed.

11. The number of times you have heard how "being an English major is easy" is too high to even count.

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