If you are a college student now, odds are you have a Snapchat—unless you have been living under a rock. College student's Snapchat stories have the weirdest content ever, but because we are in this specific state of life, no one really seems to care.

So without further ado, here are eleven snap chats we consistently see from your story as a college student:

1. The before you go out flawless selfie.

No filters needed of course.

2. In the Uber on the way to your destination.

Because if you didn't snap in the Uber, did you actually even go out?

3. Filter to cover up how crazy you actually look today.

Because you have the urge to snap, but your appearance says otherwise.

4. Your Snapchat masterpiece that you made in class.

You've gotta show off your many talents that you have obtained while in college thus far.

5. The classic before or during the class snap.

Because you actually need to prove to people that you do indeed attend class occasionally.

6. Your constant snap of pets when your home.

It becomes a little redundant let's be honest, but we can't help it. We miss our babies.

7. Typical hangry snaps.

For those of you who don't know what hangry means, someone brilliant combined the words hungry and angry.

8. You're supposed to be doing homework, but your not.

Hense the current Snapchat that is on your story.

9. To let everyone know your whereabouts.

To ensure everyone that indeed—you do have a life outside if the university walls.

10. Food, food, and more food.

It's constant—but it's fine.

11. Your discovery of the new and sponsored filters.

It's very important to let everyone know you are up with the current events and happenings.

So my fellow college peers, this is how we look to the world. But please, don't stop. We only have a few years where these Snapchats are considered socially acceptable, so live it up, and keep on snappin!