11 Boy Bands We Grew Up With That Gave Us Life
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11 Boy Bands We Grew Up With That Gave Us Life

You know, the boys we would watch on TRL after school.

11 Boy Bands We Grew Up With That Gave Us Life

Alright Ladies. We love to love them. We love to hate them. Let's talk about Boy Bands.

I'm not talking about actual bands that consist of dudes because that in itself is a completely different and conversation-worthy discussion. I'm talking about the heartthrob Boy Bands. The ones that would sing and dance while subconsciously taking our breath away.

Let's just get this out there-- I unashamedly admit that growing up, I would say I was going to be the next "Mrs." and would argue my reasonings on why they're mine not yours. Sound familiar?

My bedroom used to be so covered in posters that you hardly saw the paint. My own mother would dread taking me to any store that sold magazines because I would always ask her to buy it. These boys seriously made an impact on us some way or another. Some were more successful and long-term, but they were basically the soundtrack to our childhood and teen years.

Here's a countdown of 11 Boy Bands we grew up with that gave us life.

11. Jonas Brothers

Some of you might be thinking; how the heck are they on this list? But for someone born in the mid-early to mid-90s (and so on) they emerged for us in late elementary or early middle school. These brothers managed to start some controversy with their usage of purity rings, but hey, can't knock it. It's pretty smart if you think about it when it comes to gaining dad's approval.

10. Youngstown

These boys were not the most popular but they were definitely cute, and this hit song was used for 1999's hit Disney movie, Inspector Gadget. I guarantee you that this song will sound familiar.


Although they were a "fictional" boy band created by MTV mocking some of our beloved boy bands... We hated to love them, but we couldn't help ourselves.

8. BBMak

The cutest trio of a boy band from Liverpool, England. They made their debut entrance in 1999 but broke up in 2003 which is so upsetting because they were on a role with releasing two full-length studio albums with seven singles.

7. LFO

These guys brought something so unique from all other boy bands and added some R&B flavor to their music. They were definitely less "uniformed" like others and were just HOT plain and simple.

6. Dream Street

Even though they were extremely short-termed, some of their songs were jams. This boy band had potential but everything happens for a reason and for that we are thankful because two words: Jesse McCartney.


Like Dream Street, LMNT was pretty short-termed but they managed to make a small name for themselves. They recorded songs for The Lizzie McGuire Movie but are known for Juliet. Chances are you forgot about this song but know each lyric.

4. O-Town

Thanks to MTV's show Making the Band, these boys were put together. After breaking up, Ashley Parker Angel went solo and even landed himself a reality show. The boy band recently had a reunion tour but unfortunately, Parker was not interested. Womp, womp, wompppp.

3. 98°

This self put together boy band was arguably one of the most sensational, in the aspect of being true romantics. With their mo-town sense of style these boys pretty much stole ours hearts because of their charming vocals and good looks, including the Lachey brothers, Nick and Drew.


Man, oh man. It's a shame they went into hiatus. I owned each album including the puppet marionette dolls after No Strings Attached was released. Plus, do you remember the not so praised but adorable romantic-comedy On The Line starring Lance and Joey?

1. Backstreet Boys

Ugh, the Backstreet Boys. Just like *NSYNC, you probably owned each album. For me, they were my first cassette tape. That alone screams childhood, am I right?! They made it at #1 because not only were they the epitome of all boy bands, but because they didn't really break our hearts all that much. They're still a band! Thank goodness for that.

These boys low-key were the center of our adolescence. We all had a favorite and some of those very favorites broke our hearts at one point or another. But nevertheless, we loved them.

It's always fun getting nostalgic as we stroll down memory lane-- plus it's safe to say that the newer generation of kids and teens are without a doubt, missing out.

Did your favorite boy band growing up make the cut?

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