18 Things You Probably Did In 2009
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18 Things You Probably Did In 2009

Some throwbacks that you probably don't even want to remember.

18 Things You Probably Did In 2009

It's crazy to think that only seven years ago was such a throwback of fads compared to ones we have now. 2009 might seem like a completely random year, but the popular trends are definitely some for the history books. You may be able to relate to some of these, or all of these, but no matter the amount, there is probably one thing on this list that you can look back on, laugh at, and roll your eyes over. We thought we were so cool, but wow... we were so wrong. Here are some things you probably did in 2009:

1. Had Silly Bandz

Why wear just one when you can wear 36 at once? Having two wrists and two ankles never came in more handy than when Silly Bandz were in style, because we needed all the space we could get to wear them. There was nothing more satisfying than collecting all of these colorful creatures and getting to take them off and show them to other people, because they looked like nothing but a blob when they were stretched around your wrist. The best part was they were literally nothing but a shaped rubber band, and we were willing to pay money to have a bunch of these. If this doesn't scream high fashion to you, then you must be crazy.

2. Wore a colorful, printed, shiny prom dresses

Before sparkles and lace came in style, the world showed up to prom in these. If it wasn't satin and smooth to touch, why even bother? Vibrant colors were a must, and if it had some abstract print on it that was even better. Even if you weren't going to prom in 2009, you probably still remember walking into Macy's and entering a colorful jungle of these just waiting to be bought by excited teenage girls.

3. Used a digital camera

How else would you document your time doing everything and anything if it wasn't for your digital camera? By 2009 they were quite small, but still pretty chunky. Nothing said "I think I look super cute today" more than taking a selfie in the mirror with your digital camera, even if the flash was on and the glare cut off half of your face. You made sure you put fresh batteries in it for every important event, because you could not miss taking a picture of that funny face that Becky just made and upload it to Facebook the next day.

4. Worshipped Justin Bieber when he was 5

OK, maybe not actually 5... Whether you loved him or hated him, Justin Bieber was high on the rise in his career in 2009. Initially, you might have thought his song, "Baby," was sung by a female. However, once you realized he was indeed a boy who had just not hit puberty yet, the Beliebers came out in full force and his career began with a bunch of screaming 12-year-olds obsessing over his every move.

5. Loved Boobies

Ah yes, the bracelets sold for a good cause that were banned from all of the middle schools. Boys and girls alike wore this bracelets with pride, and if you were even more daring, you might have worn a T-shirt, too. They were nothing special, but they said "boobies," so that made them great.

6. Took pictures with your tongue out and a peace sign

The only thing that completed this to perfection was taking it with Photo Booth on your white, plastic MacBook. It was like instinct that if someone was taking a picture of us, fingers went up and tongues came out. Just smiling in a picture was soon 2007.

7. Watched Jersey Shore

Big hoops, bigger hair poofs. We were obsessed with Sammi and Ronnie's relationship, loved seeing Pauly D's abs, and wanted a duck phone. Most importantly though, we all wanted to go down to the Jersey Shore with our friends and slay at the clubs just like they did. This television show rotted our brain cells, but we enjoyed every second of it.

8. Wore Zebra print EVERYTHING

Shirts, headbands, socks -- Zebras were very popular in 2009. Why? We don't really know. Snooki probably wore it once and we all just followed along. But while we're on the topic of obnoxious fashion trends, we can't fail to mention...

9. Neon paint splatter

Neon. Paint splatter. What more is there to say?

10. Texted with your keyboard phone

The days of texting were in full swing, and if you had a keyboard phone you were ahead of your time. You might have owned the enV, the Glide, or if you were even cooler with a touch screen, the Voyager. You could never text in secret because you would be heard clicking from a mile away, but in all reality you didn't care, because you wanted everyone to know you were texting that cute boy who sat behind you in band class.

11. Obsessed over vampires

From team Edward and team Jacob, to "The Vampire Diaries," this fad came in fast and strong. A love story between vampires seems really lame, but it swept the world off of its feet. Because who wouldn't love a pale guy with fangs sucking blood out of our neck? So darn romantic.

12. "Epic Fail"

Every time someone messed up, they didn't just simply do something wrong, they "epically failed" and we all made it a point to tell them. You tripped and fell? "Fail." You dropped something? "Fail." You tried to throw a crumpled up piece of paper in the garbage can and missed? "Fail."

13. Wore full Hollister outfits

We know we all owned the graphic tee that said Hollister in large letters, sweatpants with Hollister written down the leg, and a bag that had 22 and a large eagle on it. You could wear Hollister all year-round, and for every occasion. The clothes were really cool, but what made it even cooler was that your parents hated being in the loud, dark, smelly, store, so that just made you love it even more.

14. Listened to your iPod touch

At this time it didn't have a camera, flashlight, or Siri. You actually couldn't even change your wallpaper. But what it did have was a touch screen, so the days of the click-wheel were over. They were fat and the screens were small, but you knew if you brought it to school everyone would be jealous of you, so you showed it off as you watched "Muffins" on YouTube and listened to "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga.

15. Shopped at DEB

Cute, cheap styles that were a step up from shopping at Limited, Too. They sold everything from candy to shoes to prom dresses before every single one went out of business. Where are they now you ask? DEB is presently an online store that sells plus size clothing only, and their logo is now actually in all lowercase.

16. Played FarmVille

Let's be real here, everyone and their mother was addicted to this game (well, maybe not actually our mothers, because this was before they started using "the Facebook"). This stupidly addicting game took up most of our time, because once we planted something we had to log back in three hours later so our aloe vera plants and pumpkins wouldn't die. But, nevertheless, it's human nature to play mindless games, so you shouldn't really feel regretful if you had this addiction -- unless of course you actually spent real money trying to build your farm empire.

17. Tried not to get the Swine Flu

Although you probably forgot about it until right now, you know you remembered when the swine flu was out there in the news every day. In response, you might have been a little freaked out, but also probably made a lot of pig jokes. This pandemic did result in several deaths in the United States, but the media caused a lot more hype than it was worth.

18. Picnik'd

And last (but certainly not least), there was Picnik. This online photo editing site allowed you to upload pictures and do basically anything you want to them. Ultra sharpened selfies, color popping black and white photos, and writing "BeCkY && AmAnDa = BFFs 4 Lyfe <3" in neon letters with crazy fonts were just a few of the many tools that Picnik gave you. After plugging in your digital camera to your computer and waiting for all of your pictures to upload, this was the next go-to step.

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