11 Annoying People During Class

People seem to forget how to be less annoying in class or choose to be more annoying because they can. These are the few acts that happen on a daily basis in each one of my classes and I'm sure all of you. Schmidt's commentary helps along the way.

1. People who show up late.

I get it — we all have places to be with little time in the day. But please try to get to class without causing a scene.

2. The people who bring food to class... It's not the quiet kind either.

Why must you crunch so loud and smack your lips like a cow especially when it's dead silent... People who have sensitive hearing would love not be upset in class so please bring a soft food.

3. The friends who talk the entire period. WHY?

Talking each others ears off and everyone else's. You are a huge distraction and people tend to zone in on side conversations. Come on guys, whisper quieter.

4. The students who are not acting not so nonchalantly using their phones.

Every time someone whips out their phone in plain, I truly want to lean forward and give them a suggestion on what to add in their text message. Or maybe their Instagram post because that's more important than a class you're paying thousands of dollars on.

5. The student who always argues with the professor.

Even if it's the most random fact or a topic in class — they find a way. But please let's make the entire lecture hall uncomfortable for the next 30 minutes.

6. The constantly sniffling guy or girl.

I've been there and we've all been there. But grab a tissue or a your sleeve. Or someone will tell you to blow your nose and make things awkward.

7. Out of all 300 sits in the lecture all... They choose the seat right in front of you.

You took my footrest and my perfect view of the board. Thank you for starting my day great. I hope someone takes your favorite place.

8. Tall people who take up your view space.

These people make you seem like a crazy person because you keep moving your head back and forth. Re-positioning yourself every two minutes.

9.The one kid who always tries to prove the professor wrong.

You will not win. Maybe you should team up with the person who wants to be Mr. Right all the time. Make class longer and maybe a syllabus change because of you.

10. The pen clickers...

One of the most annoying sounds you could do as a nervous habit. Pick your nails or draw doodles. The not so beautiful clicking is distracting me right along with the loud chewer.

11. Shout out to the kid who sleeps in class... We all feel you.

You're not annoying. You deserve a shout out to do what we all want to do in our 8 a.m. or 2 p.m. We are living vicariously through you.

Maybe one day these will become less in class — but knowing college, it'll grow even more. Woah! College classes has their perks.

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