Your Relationship Is Nothing Unless You're 100% Committed

Let’s be honest here—A relationship is scary.

Falling in love is terrifying.

You’re sharing every part of your being with another individual, including the ups and the downs of everyday life.

Sometimes we have trouble committing ourselves to the relationship out of the fear of being judged, or because we feel like we’re trapped—the fear of being “tied down” is present. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to be 100% committed to your partner. They can tell when you’re not "there" with them.

Commitment is a valued aspect in a relationship. In past experiences, I was not “all in” with my significant other, and they could tell. I put half my foot into the water, and wasted both of our times by not putting my whole self into the equation. It’s a 50/50 effort. Not a 75/25 effort. Commitment is the part of the relationship that provides safety and security, so couples can express their thoughts, feelings, and desires openly. It seems nowadays that couples aren’t as committed yet, and they know it’s a rising problem.

There are a few positive and negative "branches" that come out of the word Commitment. Trust, loyalty, and faithfulness are ones that remind yourself to enjoy the journey that you and your partner are experiencing together. Yet, words such as: ties, duty, and responsibility are ones that make it seem as though commitment is a chore; a ball and a chain if you will. Being committed to your partner is only possible if you both have the desire to want it, and be willing to sacrifice it.

There's a difference between Love and Commitment. Love isn't rational; It can't be controlled. If you allow a feeling that is so emotional and malleable to dictate your behavior, you’ll realize quickly that it only pans out when things are up, and not the other way around. On the other hand, Commitment will guide you through both of the ups and downs. Commitment is not dependent on the heartstrings, it’s dependent on a conscious choice you make. That choice is something you have complete control over.

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