I've been having the most intense few weeks of my life. Interviews at school, talking to professors with potential benefits and meeting my boyfriend's parents of the first time; it's been hectic. I would like to take this moment to thank my family for being Gs. I have to hand it to my grandparents and parents for really instilling me with manners.

I never really cared what people thought of me, probably because I was young and my actions didn't really have many consequences. Nowadays, I can't even leave my house without doing my eyebrows... it's a tough life.

My first interview at UCLA for a work-study job was for a position that involved building a website and editing manuscripts; I am an anthropology student, I don't even know how to use a TV remote let alone using my laptop correctly. For whatever reason, I was hired and have been with them ever since.

I remember attending my first work meeting with my fellow coworkers. This job allows me to work remotely so we only get to see each other once a week. I wore business casual clothes because I think we should all dress in the position we want in life but also "dress to impress." However, when I got there, I see my co-workers in flip flops, leggings, and clothes you just don't wear in a professional atmosphere.

I'm convinced that the reason why I got this job in the first place was that of my work ethic, yes but also because of how I dressed. I don't wear uncomfortable high heels to work, I dress in slacks and a nice dress shirt.

This doesn't only apply to a work setting but to everything else, you do in your life. Whether you're going on a date, meeting parents or even just having coffee with a friend how you present yourself matters. It reflects your identity (and your hygiene).

When I hear sayings like "I want them to like me for who I really am, I don't want to dress to impress." OK yeah, I get it but I for sure did not let my bf see me without my eyebrows until the third month of us dating. Thank God for Anastasia's brow pencil, water resistance/ rub resistance is key. He likes me for me, I know that but when we first meet someone, anyone, that is what they'll always remember.

Til this day I don't like someone because they have rubbed me the wrong way. I tried talking to them, other people had told me good things about them but man, I can't get over how we met. So sorry that I'm petty but things like that do matter.
I acknowledge I may sometimes be over the top about these things but overdressing is ALWAYS better than undressing. So next time you want to be casual, which I totally get just think about WHO you're seeing and WHERE. Looking your best is not a crime.