10(ish) Ellen Videos That Will Make Your Day
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10(ish) Ellen Videos That Will Make Your Day

Smile, laugh, and dance along to some of the funniest and best moments on Ellen!

10(ish) Ellen Videos That Will Make Your Day

I'll be honest... one of my guilty pleasures in life is watching way too many Ellen videos on YouTube. Because of this, I definitely have my favorites that bring me joy whenever I'm having a rough day. Here are 10(ish) Ellen videos that are sure to make you smile, laugh, and want to dance!

1. Hidden Camera in Starbucks

All of her hidden camera pranks crack me up, but this one in particular made Ellen laugh so hard that I had to pause the video so that I could gain composure before I was able to watch the rest of the video!

2. Kai Singing, A Special Guest Watching On

Probably my favorite Kai video, not only does this adorable little kid sing his heart out to Ellen (his "girlfriend"), but he also gets to meet a very special guest.

3. Ellen and Michelle Obama went to CVS

Ellen prepare's former First Lady Michelle Obama for "life after the White House" by taking her shopping at a CVS Pharmacy.

4. Scare Videos

Ellen has a knack of scaring her guests. Here's a compilation of some of her best and funniest scare videos so far!

5. Ellen was in Twilight!

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Twilight- the books or the movies, but Ellen's sketch with the cast was too awkward and hilarious not to enjoy. The cast members can't keep straight faces either!

6. Know or Go!

I couldn't pick my favorite "Know or Go" video, so here's a compilation of some of the funniest moments from "Know or Go" over the past few years!

7. 5 Second Rule

While I love all of the "5 Second Rule" videos, Ricky Gervais was particularly hilarious. He even came back for a rematch!

(Bonus video!)

8. Haunted House Videos!

Every year, Ellen sends some of her staff members to a Haunted House. While they are all hilarious, Andy and Jacqueline's first adventure into a Haunted House was quite relatable for me.

9. James Corden's song for Ellen

Late Late Show host James Corden sang a song to help promote getting Ellen's show on TV in the UK! Lots of fun, and kind of a catchy song!

10. Dancing!

Between Ellen's Dance Dare, the dancers she brings on her show, and her intro every episode, the world knows that Ellen loves to dance! Here are a few videos proving that Ellen loves dancing!

Needless to say, Ellen's videos bring me joy whenever I'm having a rough day. I hope you laughed a little, enjoyed the videos, and felt an urge to get up and dance along with Ellen!

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