101 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter
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101 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter

Little tips and advice for my daughter to learn someday, in case she needs a piece of advice.

101 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter

101 things I have learned, and want to teach my daughter someday.

1. Chocolate is only a temporary fix. Eat as much as you can before the hurricane hits.

2. Suck it up, and buy that expensive bra with the matching underwear. It will be worth it.

3. Do it, only if you’re happy doing it.

4. If red lipstick looks good with the outfit, wear it and feel beautiful in it.

5. I don’t care if you sneak out, as long as you’re home by the time I wake up.

6. You don’t always have to have a boyfriend. Learn to love yourself first.

7. Eat the extra slice of pizza.

8. Only wear clothes that you’re comfortable in and make you feel good.

9. Love the world.

10. See the glass half full, always.

11. Buy your friends dinner when you can and make a phone call here and there.

12. Order the dessert with your meal.

13. Milkshake runs at 3am? Always worth it.

14. Wear the damn heels. Even if you’re 5’2 or 6’0.

15. Smoke weed, at least once. But don’t smoke yourself stupid.

16. Cause trouble at your part-time job, but also know your place.

17. Don’t explain yourself to anyone who doesn't deserve the explanation.

18. Like what you like, love what you love- passionately.

19. Always keep an open mind in any given situation.

20. Want to make friends? Ask about their interests instead of talking about yours.

21. If you don’t want to bring him home to meet me, hes not worth keeping.

22. Learn to drive stick shift. It’ll earn you bonus points.

23. Don’t take sex lightly.

24. Always have a ride home.

25. Take bubble baths when needed.

26. Don’t hurt yourself in order to help others.

27. Visit your grandma when you have a chance.

28. Always tell someone when something reminds you of them. It will make their day.

29. Don’t be the last to jump in the pool.

30. Go to parties every once in a while.

31. And come home with a kickass story.

32. Always apologize when you’re wrong.

33. Guys are more sensitive than girls.

34. Have your head in the toilet at least once.

35. But learn to hold your liquor after.

36. Take an astronomy class, it'll blow your mind.

37. Don’t judge others, especially if you have been in their shoes.

38. And don’t stereotype either.

39. Argue with people when you need too.

40. Tips are a beautiful thing.

41. And tipping is a beautiful thing.

42. Have a sense of humor.

43. Know when to take a joke.

44. Unless it goes to far, then put them in their damn place.

45. Try something new every now and then.

46. Unless its meth, don’t be stupid.

47. Being cool with teachers- is cool.

48. Skip class at least once.

49. And if you get in trouble for it, tell the truth.

50. Stay up late, and sleep in.

51. Know how to cook one good meal.

52. Love is blind, but don’t be deaf and dumb too.

53. Don’t look for happiness in the same place you lost it.

54. Let it fucking go.

55. Go fishing with your grandpa.

56. The lake life, is a good life.

57. Try to be the girl everyone enjoys.

58. Always be nice first.

59. Stand your ground.

60. Don’t date him if he can’t make you laugh.

61. Eat junk food.

62. But also eat your healthy food.

63. No one your age has any fucking clue what they’re doing.

64. Drink tea.

65. Learn to treat yourself here and there.

66. Make connections.

67. Be the talkative one in awkward situations.

68. Don’t play with peoples hearts.

69. Try this position.

70. Remember, you have a place in this world. Especially in mine.

71. Try a different hair color.

72. Know what color of clothing suits you.

73. It’s okay to over dress.

74. And its okay to underdress.

75. Guys are shy, make the first move for once.

76. Be honest with yourself, and others.

77. But also be a good liar.

78. Know when it’s time to go home.

79. Tattoos aren't that important to get.

80. Know when to go the speed limit.

81. Charm the pants off the officer who pulls you over.

82. Don’t be a dumbass.

83. Give it to them straight. Don’t sugar coat it.

84. Sunday is a shorter word for Lazy Day.

85. Just because she looks like a bitch, doesn’t mean she is.

86. Talk to the stranger in the elevator.

87. Only say it if you mean it.

88. Drink some water, for gods sake.

89. Always sing in the car.

90. Take care of yourself.

91. Be patient with others. Especially old people.

92. Yellow is a happy color, don’t diss it.

93. Pet dogs when you see them.

94. Its okay to want to be loved.

95. Kiss as many boys as you can.

96. There is no such thing as the perfect time. Just fucking do it.

97. Be adventurous.

98. Have a plan.

99. But also wing it, take a shot in the dark.

100. Learn to love yourself.

101. Being yourself is more important than anything.

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