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100 Things I'm Really Missing This Holiday Season

88. SANTAS that don't look like Santa at all.

100 Things I'm Really Missing This Holiday Season
Julia Hart

Sure, being in Europe is great and all, but I have to admit that being away from home during the holiday season can be tough. Here are some of the things I'll be missing most for the next month or so.

  1. Spending the Season with Family
  2. Picking Out a Christmas Tree
  3. Hearing the Fire Squad Blasting Christmas Music through Town
  4. The Cold Weather
  5. Decorating the Tree
  6. Putting Decorations Up Around the House
  7. Listening to Christmas Music with my Roommates
  8. Having a Thanksgiving Break
  9. NYC Around This Time
  10. American Christmas Music
  11. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  12. Window Shopping in NYC around Christmas Time
  13. Light Shows
  14. Houses Covered in Christmas Lights
  15. Houses Covered in Decorations
  16. Hand-Painted Turkeys and Other Kids' Crafts
  17. Actual Turkey & Gravy
  18. Stuffing
  19. Obligatory Cranberry Sauce
  20. Sweet Potato Souffle!!
  21. Football
  22. Hay Rides
  23. Fall Activities
  24. Homemade Pies
  25. Pumpkins
  26. Canned Pumpkin
  27. Going Around the Table to Say What We're Thankful For
  28. Everyone Being Noticeably Kinder at This Time
  29. Starbucks PSL Jokes
  30. Packed Supermarkets
  31. 25 Days of Christmas Countdown on ABC
  32. Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  33. Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows
  34. Watching a Movie Near the Fireplace
  35. Mistletoe
  36. Eggnog
  37. Weird Aperitifs that I Feel Compelled to Try
  38. Poinsettias
  39. Santa at the Mall
  40. Helping Out in the Kitchen
  41. School Being Completely Understanding that No Work Will Be Done over Breaks
  42. Secret Santa
  43. Nativities
  44. Midnight Mass
  45. The Smell of Real Trees
  46. Fake Trees that Can Be Decorated Perfectly
  47. Ice Skating
  48. Stockings
  49. Food Coma
  50. Christmas Cookies
  51. Leaving Cookies & Milk Out for Santa with Younger Cousins
  52. Tracking Santa on Norton
  53. Mariah Carey
  54. Love, Actually
  55. Watching Elf right after Thanksgiving Dinner
  56. Corporate Gifts
  57. Waking Up on Christmas Morning
  58. Christmas Eve Pajamas
  59. Baking
  60. Ornaments
  61. Christmas Parties
  62. Making Unimpressive Gingerbread Houses
  63. Seeing Exhibits of Elite Gingerbread Houses
  64. Feeling Like a Little Kid
  65. The Excitement of Leaving Campus and Asking Everyone About Plans
  66. Sleeping In
  67. Hot Coffee on a Cold Day
  68. Seeing All of Dunkin's Festive Donuts
  69. Charlie Brown
  70. Seeing Extended Family
  71. Hanging out with My Younger Cousins
  72. Christmas Sales
  73. Black Friday (actually who am I kidding)...
  74. Cyber Monday
  75. The Weird Transition Between Thanksgiving and Black Friday that Makes Everyone Mad, though Everyone Continues to Participate in the Shopping
  76. Christmas Shopping
  77. Christmas Socks
  78. Stocking Stuffers
  79. Christmas Breakfast
  80. Getting Dressed for Family Events with my Sisters
  81. Walking in Snow
  82. My Parka
  83. Buying Gifts
  84. Wrapping Paper
  85. Seeing Old High School Friends
  86. Getting Bombarded with "Happy Thanksgiving" and "Merry Christmas" Texts
  87. The Way Kids' Faces Light Up when You Ask Them About Santa
  88. Santa's that Don't Look Like Santa at All
  89. Not Caring About Your Diet
  90. Eating Cookies for Breakfast
  91. Christmas Dessert
  92. 7 Fish Tradition
  93. Opening Presents with Cousins
  94. Fancy Christmas Wine
  95. The Hour of Complete Chaos Before the Family Arrives
  96. Chocolates
  97. Being Sent to the Grocery Store the Day Of Because There Are Always a Few Things We Forgot About
  98. Having a Permanent Smile on Your Face
  99. Positive Social Media Posts
  100. Feeling the Love from Family and Friends
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