100 Things To Do When You Are Bored
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100 Things To Do When You Are Bored

Just Take a Nap!

100 Things To Do When You Are Bored

As a college student, there are many things that I should be doing in my free time; studying, reading that chapter assignment; cleaning. The feeling you are getting right now though, you are bored, there is nothing to do! Alas, I am here to help you alleviate your boredom! Here is a list of 100 things that YOU can do when you are bored!

  • You can read articles on theodysseyonline.com
  • You can read that book that you have always wanted to read (for me its Uncle Tom’s Cabin)
  • Clean your room or dorm
  • Organize your desk
  • Organize your fridge
  • Organize your pantry
  • Go through your clothes that you do not want
  • Sell the clothes you do not want on an app or online
  • Go through your pictures (on your phone and in real life)
  • Delete the photos that you do not need any more on your phone
  • Delete your unwanted apps
  • Create a good playlist
  • Delete songs that you hate in your library
  • Do your laundry
  • Go on a drive
  • Go window shopping
  • Make yourself some hot chocolate
  • Work on your assignments
  • Study for a future test
  • Apply for jobs (if you need or want one)
  • Volunteer
  • Make your bed
  • Go on social media
  • Make a new friend
  • Go outside and go on a walk
  • Visit family
  • Call your mom
  • Call your dad
  • Call your siblings
  • Call your grandparents
  • Call someone
  • Write a bucket list
  • Plan a party
  • Take a random trip to a different state or city
  • Make breakfast
  • Make lunch
  • Make dinner
  • Make a meal for a friend or a group of friends
  • Go to the gym and work out
  • Go to the gym with a friend
  • Go out to eat with someone
  • Write a letter to a loved one
  • Play an instrument
  • Update your Pinterest boards
  • Go on Pinterest
  • Make some crafts
  • Make some pottery
  • Teach yourself how to draw
  • Teach yourself how to paint
  • Casually watch the news
  • Casually watch TV
  • Hang out with friends
  • Watch a youtube video
  • Watch a youtube series
  • Watch a whole series on Netflix or Hulu
  • Watch a movie on Netflix or Hulu
  • Play video games
  • Create a Vlog
  • Create a Blog
  • Re-watch the Shrek series like 10 times in a row
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Research on topics you are interested about
  • Celebrate a holiday (any holiday the day of or just a random day)
  • Take a long shower
  • Take a long bubble bath
  • Write a short story
  • Play a board game with some friends
  • Play a dice game with some friends
  • Play a card game with some friends
  • Clean your wallet and reorganize it
  • Write a review on a book
  • Gather up all of the change in your room or house and put it in a jar and save it
  • Go pet puppies and kitties in a shelter
  • Help out at a local shelter
  • Donate at a shelter (animal, homeless, women’s)
  • Take pictures
  • Paint your nails
  • Practice makeup skills
  • Sit and do facemasks to yourself and friends for a few hours
  • Go to a spa
  • Get your hair done
  • Dye your hair
  • Plan out your week
  • Plan out your month
  • Plan out your year
  • Plan a vacation
  • Do something daring
  • Dance in your room
  • Decorate your room
  • Go to the movie theater and watch a movie
  • Try a new food
  • Get ahead on your school work
  • Do a puzzle
  • Plant something
  • Send postcards
  • Go through your emails
  • Facetime someone
  • Update your Resume
  • Stretch

And Finally...

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