100 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Adulting
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Student Life

100 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Adulting

Growing up isn't fun

100 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Adulting
Hannah Gavin
  1. Have to fight Mike Tyson
  2. Get stung by a bee
  3. Walk across an entire floor of Legos
  4. Have my mom brush my hair
  5. Get my neck zipped up in my jacket
  6. Run out of gas in the middle of nowhere
  7. Watch my crush kiss someone else
  8. Have a towel snapped on me
  9. Go cliff diving and accidentally belly flop
  10. Go on fear factor
  11. Wake up with a rat on my head
  12. Be lost in NYC
  13. Drop my new camera into the water on the Maid of the Mist
  14. Sit behind a loud chewer at the movie theater
  15. Watch The Fault in Our Stars and not be able to cry
  16. Have to watch the same vine for 6 hours
  17. Get a paper cut
  18. Have to wear pink and orange for a week straight
  19. Lose my passport 20 minutes before I have to leave
  20. Give birth to 10lbs twins
  21. Have mosquito bites all over my legs
  22. Watch a movie with a sex scene with my parents in the room
  23. Babysit for the families on Nanny 911, before the show
  24. get roasted by Simon Cowell
  25. wake up in a foreign country
  26. memorize the periodic table
  27. have a professor not round my 89.999 up
  28. spend the day with a conceited washed up celebrity
  29. have my phone fly out of my pocket on a ride
  30. sit next to a crying baby on a 5-hour flight
  31. run a marathon in clogs
  32. wear clogs in general
  33. watch someone put my crocs in a bonfire
  34. get my wisdom teeth pulled
  35. stumble upon a beehive
  36. kill a pregnant spider in my bedroom
  37. live above a popular bar with a newborn
  38. break my glasses and have to drive home without them
  39. relive a breakup every day
  40. have a puppy pee on everything in my room
  41. have Durian every day
  42. watch Clemson lose to USC in a football game
  43. go to USC
  44. Canoe across the Atlantic Ocean
  45. Be stood up on Valentine’s Day
  46. Watch Chad from Sigma Apple Pi kiss someone else
  47. Have my family leave me home on vacation
  48. Not be asked to formal by my main guy
  49. read an Encyclopedia
  50. write a critique on an Encyclopedia
  51. Listen to a lecture given by a conservative on his or her beliefs
  52. Debate controversial issues with a close minded person
  53. Have my laptop die in the first 10 minutes of lecture
  54. Go to an elderly nude beach
  55. Get a hang nail
  56. Listen to Matty B raps
  57. Have someone behind my shower curtain
  58. Spend in the Lizzie Borden House
  59. Wake up married to a stranger in Vegas
  60. Run over a nail after getting new tires
  61. Sleep at hotel with bedbugs
  62. Let Michael Vick puppy sit
  63. Develop a pizza allergy
  64. Let my mom create my Tinder profile
  65. Let my dad read my Tinder messages
  66. Watch a knitting completion
  67. Spend the day with Donald Trump
  68. Have food poisoning during a road trip
  69. Get dunked on by Kevin Hart
  70. Attend a Trump Rally
  71. Give up yoga pants and leggings
  72. Be a math major
  73. Hold a dart board for a blind man
  74. Live in a Russian prison
  75. Clean my house with a tooth brush
  76. Go on a road trip with no AC
  77. Get stunk behind an extreme couponer
  78. Take the SAT
  79. Take an AP exam
  80. Become vegan
  81. Watch anime for 7 hours
  82. Lose a 364-day snap streak
  83. Lose a fist fight to Snooki
  84. Send a nude to Bill Clinton
  85. Do Rob Kardashian wrong
  86. Watch Kim Kardashian cry
  87. Become a meme
  88. Be eliminated off of NEXT as soon as I walk off of the bus
  89. Have no milk for my cereal
  90. Be arrested in a foreign country
  91. Be prescribed Vitameatavegamin
  92. Spend the day with the “Cash me ousside” girl
  93. Appear on Jerry Springer
  94. Go on Beyond Scared Straight
  95. Get stuck in an elevator with my ex
  96. Fall on an ant hill
  97. Forget my umbrella when walking to class
  98. Straighten my hair and walk outside to rain
  99. Have rain on my wedding day
  100. Be Blac Chyna right now
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