Smiling is a powerful tool and something most people don’t do enough. It has been proven that a simple smile can improve your mood. We don't always appreciate the beautiful people around us and all the wonderful things in the world. However, if you pay attention, you’ll see smile-worthy things all over the place. So, here are 100 reasons to smile in case you need a reminder.

1. A cute puppy video

2. A real puppy

3. A good cup of coffee

4. Someone holding the door for you

5. Class getting cancelled

6. Unexpected texts from friends

7. A good book

8. A night with no homework

9. Singing in the shower

10. Getting in bed after a long day

11. Finding the perfect present for someone

12. Pancakes

13. Kittens

14. Fuzzy socks

15. Fireworks

16. Beaches

17. The sound of rain

18. Snow days

19. Someone got married today

20. Finding a new favorite song

21. Zac Efron

22. Blasting music in the car with your friends

23. Waking up before your alarm goes off

24. Lazy days

25. Driving with the windows down

26. Receiving a good grade

27. Hugs

28.Videos of laughing babies

29. Someone was born today

30. You’ve outgrown your middle school selfies

31. Hammocks

32. Homemade chocolate chip cookies

33. Spending time with your best friend

34. Your favorite song

35. Weddings

36. Sunsets

37. Sunrises

38. Rainbows

39. You’re loved

40. "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney

41. Laughing until you cry

42. Buying something on sale

43. Someone misses you

44. Putting on clothes that are still warm from the dryer

45. Autumn leaves

46. Concerts

47. Ice cream

48. Getting a much-needed haircut

49. Bread and butter

50. Homemade meals

51. Watermelon

52. Lemonade in summer

53. Giving back

54. The feeling of accomplishment after you go to the gym

55. Candles

56. Finding money in your pockets

57. Road trips

58. Receiving letters

59. Sending letters

60. Travelling

61. Sleepovers

62. Hot chocolate

63. The smell of coffee

64. Accomplishing something big

65. Accomplishing something small

66. Photo albums from your childhood

67. Doing what you love

68. Eating what you’re craving

69. Seeing old couples still in love

70. Sitting in the grass

71. Music

72. Art

73. The smell of the ocean

74. Long, hot showers

75. The sun on your skin

76. Making others laugh

77. Being trusted

78. People who listen

79. Swimming on a hot day

80. Thank you notes

81. Phone calls from friends

82. Phone calls from your mom or dad

83. The sense of pride

84. Hand-written notes

85. Organizing your desk

86. Your favorite movie

87. Sharing secrets

88. Eating outside

89. Naps

90. Water balloon fights

91. Big sweatshirts

92. Seeing someone get engaged

93. Mac ’n’ cheese

94. Snowball fights

95. The sun will rise tomorrow

96. Clouds and rain don’t last forever

97. You’re in control of your life

98. You’re incredibly important

99. You’re the only you

100. Why not?

Long story short, there are reasons to smile all around us—we just need to look for them.