100 Little Reasons To Celebrate
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100 Little Reasons To Celebrate

Life's a party.

100 Little Reasons To Celebrate

Having a rough day? In the front seat of the struggle bus? Need some encouragement? We all have those days. I want you to close your eyes and take a minute to picture "happiness". Embrace those beautiful images that your mind is creating. These are the things that make you happy. Focus on them, do them, and notice them. Life is a party, here are my 100 little reasons to celebrate!

1. Laying in fresh sheets

2. Carwashes

3. Watching the sunset and sunrise

4. Random acts of kindness

5. Binge watching "The Office"

6. Reading in bed during thunderstorms

7. Showers after a workout

8. Road trips with good people

9. Walking along the beach

10. Laughing so hard you cannot breathe

11. Seeing a movie in the theaters

12. Dry shampoo

13. Knowing every word to a song

14. Coloring with crayons

15. Watching old Disney movies

16. Sunday church

17. Camping/Hiking

18. The Breakfast Club

19. Quoting funny videos with your friends

20. Parades

21. Hot chocolate and Christmas carols

22. Board game nights

23. Wearing your favorite t-shirt

24. Receiving a letter in the mail

25. The first warm day of the year

26. Floating the river

27. Stuffing your face with the people you love

28. Loving your job

29. Reminiscing with old friends

30. Not being able to stop smiling

31. Warm clothes out of the dryer

32. Finding something that you lost

33. Making new friends

34. Peeling an orange in one peel

35. When your dog looks truly happy

36. Free WiFi

37. Pronouncing WiFi as "Wee-Fee"

38. Popping every kernel in the bag with out burning the popcorn

39. Being barefoot

40. When the Peanuts characters dance

41. Bubble baths

42. Chips and queso

43. Rearranging furniture

44. Looking through old photos

45. Thought provoking conversations

46. The feeling of accomplishment

47. When your dog greets you

48. Super cheesy jokes

49. Seeing the people you love

50. When little kids draw you pictures

51. Confetti eggs

52. Speaking with foreign accents

53. Spongebob shaped mac and cheese

54. Playing a game of go fish

55. Blowing kisses

56. Happy old people

57. Birthdays

58. Wax museums

59. Dancing

60. Hugs

61. Going on adventures

62. When your dog smiles

63. Chicken nugs

64. Beautiful fruit bowls

65. Summer tan lines

66. A pen that writes extremely well

67. Free food

68. Bean bags

69. When you think of a memory that makes you lol

70. Sitting by a warm fire at night

71. Girl scout cookies

72. Burning smelly good candles

73. Breakfast for dinner

74. Decorating the Christmas tree

75. Driving with the windows down

76. The feeling of content

77. Smiling from ear to ear

78. Movie marathons

79. Pajama day

80. Motivational posters

81. The word onamonapia

82. Holding hands

83. Picnics anywhere

84. Free music

85. Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean

86. NBA 2K12

87. Making pictures in the clouds

88. Having no homework

89. Proving a point

90. Post workout chocolate milk

91. A clean car

92. Worshiping our God

93. Shaved legs

94. Inside jokes

95. Quoting funny movies

96. Group hugs

97. Being open minded

98. Having the best Halloween costume

99. Random adventures

100. Friends and family

Just to name a few.

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