100 People I Would Rather Vote For Than Either Of The Nominees
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100 People I Would Rather Vote For Than Either Of The Nominees

Time for a write in vote.

100 People I Would Rather Vote For Than Either Of The Nominees

This presidential campaign is going to be one for the books, but not because both candidates are overqualified. In fact, they are both so underqualified that people are actually voting for who they think will "suck less." I could name 100 people who I would vote for instead of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

1. Mickey Mouse

2. Bozo the Clown

3. Betty White

4. Ross Geller

5. Julie Andrews

6. Rory Gilmore

7. Blair Waldorf

8. Whoopi Goldberg

9. Elvis Presley

10. Beyonce

11. My high school math teacher

12. Madonna

13. Tom Cruise

14. Audrey Hepburn

15. Michael Scott

16. Cher

17. Miranda Bailey

18. Flo from Progressive

19. Ron Weasley

20. Seth Rogan

21. Lizzie Mcguire

22. Raven Symone

23. Melissa McCarthy

24. Aziz Ansari

25. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

26. Caitlyn Jenner

27. Adele

28. Bruce Wayne a.k.a. "Batman"

29. Forrest Gump

30. Johnny Depp

31. Peter Pan

32. Orlando Bloom

33. Luke Skywalker

34. Monty Python

35. Spongebob Squarepants

36. Yoda

37. King Joffrey

38. Jay Gatsby

39. Sherlock Holmes

40. Sandra Oh

41. Winnie the Pooh

42. Dumbledore

43. My friends dog, Bella

44. Tony Stark

45. Alice from Alice in Wonderland

46. Dr. Seuss

47. Jake from State Farm

48. Tony Hawk

49. Ed Sheeran

50. The guy who invented ice-cream

51. Martha Washington

52. Jiminy Cricket

53. Dan Humphrey

54. Walt Disney

55. Ronald McDonald

56. Brooke Davis

57. Detective Benson

58. Betty Crocker

59. Clark Kent

60. Mother Teresa

61. Nelson Mandela

62. Ghandi

63. Paul McCartney

64. My local Starbucks barista

65. Snap, Crackle or Pop

66. Dalai Lama

67. J.K. Rowling

68. John Lennon

69. Michael Jackson

70. Cleopatra

71. Chip or Dale

72. George Clooney

73. Ellen Degeneres

74. Stephen King

75. Jesus

76. William Shakespeare

77. Mr. Clean

78. Robin Williams

79. The Chick-fil-A Cow

80. Rosie the Riveter

81. Mark Zuckerberg

82. John Travolta

83. Frank N. Furter

84. The Greeter at Walmart

85. Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect

86. The Red M&M

87. Clint Eastwood

88. Barney Stinson

89. The AFLAC duck

90. Kevin McCalister

91. Rosa Parks

92. Cap'n Crunch

93. Will Smith

94. Chuck E. Cheese

95. Dr. Phil

96. Lucille Ball

97. The Geico Gecko

98. Jethro Gibbs

99. Tony the Tiger

100. Gary Johnson

Good luck voting America!

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