What does it feel like to be 100 percent Italian?

1. Traditional

We do the same thing for each holiday and year in the Italian culture. We have the same food for Christmas, it's usually crab sauce and a ton of seafood.

2. Food

As Italians, pasta is a must. We have it for Thanksgiving, Christmas and all times in between. The winter holidays consist of seven fishes , then crab, seafood, and did I mention pasta?

3. Dessert

Italians have the best desserts, from cannolis to pizzelles, biscotti, pignoli cookies, and Italian cookies, which have delectable frosting and sprinkles. Pair that with some good Italian espresso, and cappuccino and you are truly experiencing the Italian sweet dream.

4. Sunday Dinners

Each Sunday the family will get together and eat Italian food, while we talk about everything and anything.

5. Loud Talking/Yelling

Italian families worldwide are renowned for their ability to yell, no matter what the reason is we can go hours at an elevated voice and it's completely fine. If you're Italian then you definitely have at least one person who speaks the loudest at parties, on the phone, over the table, it's a thing.

6. Being Super Close

You are always close with everyone in your family, cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins and the like. You'll see everyone everywhere, family vacations, holidays, birthday or simply just because it's Tuesday.

7. Speaking the Language

Even if you only speak a few words of Italian, you know you're Italian when you understand and speak a bit with your family members.

8. Sports

Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy, it can even feel like we invented soccer, although h/t to England for sharing this sport with the world.