I've had many different friends in my lifetime: best friends, close friends, acquaintances. They were all my friends at some point, but few (besides one) have stuck it out with me throughout my life, or even sometimes less than a year. Regardless of where we are now in our relationship, every friend I've ever had has taught me something, not just about how to be a good friend, but in life in general.

1. Some people will stick by you through thick and thin.

2. Some people will get the hell out of dodge as soon as trouble comes into your life.

3. Secrets should only be told to one person at most.

4. If someone tells you a secret, keep it. You don't want to be the person who hurts others.

5. Your friend's family does matter in the relationship.

6. Your family is usually right about your friends.

7. Friendships are just like dating, but without the kissing. You decide if that's better or worse.

8. No guy is important enough to break up a friendship.

9. A friend who judges you is not a friend at all.

10. A friend who is brutally honest is the best friend of all.

11. Brutally honest friends should not only be brutally honest when there's something wrong. They should be the same way about compliments.

12. If you feel uncomfortable in a friendship, get out sooner rather than later.

13. Not every fight has to have a dramatic resolution. Sometimes forgetting about it is better.

14. If you find yourself not wanting to spend time with your friend, why are you friends with them?

15. Your friends do not have to drop everything for you just because you're upset. They have lives, too.

16. Don't make a friend stay up until 6 am on an exam day because of a mental breakdown. You will both feel awful the next day, and then you've accomplished nothing.

17. Listen to your friend's problems. They mean something.

18. Create boundaries. Just because they're your friend doesn't mean they want to pop a pimple on your buttcheek.

19. Remember to check in with them once in awhile, even if you talk every day. Make sure they're okay sometimes.

20. It's okay to not see your friend for a few days. It's healthy. Don't overthink it.

21. It's okay to not even talk to or text them for a bit. We all need space.

22. Listen to their interests. They are important. You will need this information when you go to buy them a present.

23. Keep in mind the small things they do. You will pick up these habits, too.

24. Don't give them crap if they don't want to do something with you.

25. Don't give them crap if they have other friends.

26. Don't give them crap if they're your best friend, but you're not theirs.

27. It's okay to be sad or angry because of a friend. Your feelings matter. You are allowed to be upset by something they did.

28. Don't make that a habit, though. Learn to let things go if they're not worth your time.

29. Not every fight has to be fought.

30. If your friendship is too much like a chick flick movie, reconsider the relationship and what you're doing.

31. Be there when the going gets rough, not just when you're doing fun things.

32. They will have significant others. They will take up a lot of their time early on in the relationship. Let it happen. They are excited. Don't be the one to make it difficult.

33. If they really cut you off because of their new relationship, talk to them. They probably don't realize they're doing it.

34. Let their SO come to things with you guys, but make sure you set aside dates for just you. You can't vent quite the same when a new person is there.

35. Talk sh*t about people who are annoying you with your friends. It's more therapeutic than ranting into your mirror.

36. Secrets are okay to have--to an extent. Find the line between a reasonable and unreasonable secret. If there's something big you're not telling them, change that.

37. If your friendship gets mistaken for a relationship, you're doing something right.

38. Don't talk to them as if they're stupid. Everyone feels bad in the end.

39. Teach each other new things, even if you've been friends your whole life. There is always something new to learn.

40. There are friends you goof off with, and there are friends you tell about your panic attacks. Find one who is both. Find a few who are one or the other.

41. The friend who dates your exes needs to be reconsidered.

42. The friend who dates your crushes should be approached with caution.

43. The friend who likes the same person but doesn't pursue them is true.

44. You should have at least one friend you can get deep with. This is non-negotioable. You will dig yourself into a depression hole if you do not find this person.

45. You should have at least one friend who confides in you about deep things, too. If you don't, take a step back and think about yourself.

46. The friend who is nice to you alone but different in front of other friends is not a real friend.

47. Your friends should care about your interests and dreams and aspirations.

48. Your friends should support all of these things.

49. Your friends should also know when to tell you to cut it out.

50. Don't let your friends do stupid things. Yes, that includes drinking until they black out.

51. If you find yourself constantly babysitting them, ask yourself if they see you as a friend or a mother.

52. Don't treat them like your child. You are not their parent. You want to protect them, I know, but it's not always your job.

53. Passive-aggressiveness is childish. If you don't like something, tell them.

54. Don't complain about your weight to them. They probably have a negative body image, too. If you're smaller than them yet you say "I'm so fat", that will hit them hard.

55. Come up with codenames for your crushes. Yes, you're adults, but you're allowed to indulge in trivial things. It makes things more fun.

56. Always ride in the car with friends with the windows down and the music blaring. Your mood will skyrocket.

57. There should be no such thing as an awkward silence when you're with friends. If it's awkward, something's not right.

58. You don't always have to be doing something when you're together. Sit at home and enjoy each other's company while doing totally different things. It's okay to do that.

59. Friends who don't reasonably offer to pay when you're out of money are not that great.

60. Sleepovers are great. Utilize them. Even if you're 67.

61. Go out to lunch or dinner with them every so often. Once a week if you can make it happen. Food and friends are the ultimate dynamic duo.

62. Breakfast with your friend will be the best decision you make, even if you have to get up early.

63. The best memories will cost the least amount of money.

64. Plan surprise parties for your friends' birthdays. They will love it. This doesn't have to be a big extravaganza.

65. Don't go to college with them.

66. If you do go to college with them, don't room with them.

67. Late nights with your best friends out on the town are both the best and worst nights of your life, and you are going to love it.

68. Don't just talk about significant others with your friends. They will get annoyed. They are your friend for more than just relationship troubles.

69. The only person you should tell about your sex and romantic life in intimate detail is your best friend.

70. Don't force your friends into doing things they don't want to do.

71. Don't let your friends force you into doing things you don't want to do.

72. Call them out on their bullsh*t. They deserve to know.

73. If they can't fix something in under 5 minutes, don't point it out.

74. Complimenting your friends no matter how you really feel about something doesn't help anyone.

75. If someone says, "I'm so fat!", never respond with, "No, you're pretty!" You will learn very quickly that fatness does not correlate to attractiveness.

76. Making fun of your friend in good faith is okay, but respect when they ask you to stop.

77. Sensitivity is a wonderful thing to have in life, contrary to popular belief. Being sensitive is a great thing in this world. Be more sensitive.

78. If your friend says not to get that haircut, don't get that haircut.

79. If your friend says not to get that shirt, don't get that shirt.

80. Take some classes with your friends, whether that's academic classes or something fun at the local rec center.

81. Take pictures. So many pictures. Be your friend's photographer. You might feel silly taking pictures of her posing aesthetically, but you will want them later.

82. Don't let your friends buy stupid things.

83. Find happiness in everything. You don't need a grand gesture to be happy. Everything has something good.

84. Go to parties and social events. You will make new friends here. Or, at the very least, you'll look like you have friends and a social life.

85. Don't cancel on your friends constantly. That's not being a friend. Mama didn't raise no quitters.

86. Shop with your best friend, not your kind-of-close friend. Your best friend will be more honest.

87. Your best friend should be like your sibling.

88. If your friends are never available enough for you, take a hard look at who your friends are.

89. Don't care what society thinks.

90. Don't focus on yourself so much. Other people matter. Selflessness is a wonderful quality to have.

91. Opening yourself up to people is a great thing. Being a closed book is no fun.

92. In contrast, being completely open will hurt you in the end.

93. Always side with your friend in an argument. It might not be the "right" side, but it's not worth losing loyalty points over.

94. Lying to your friends will get you absolutely nowhere.

95. You are not the only person like you in this world. So many people share your experiences and beliefs. You just have to find them.

96. Not everyone you meet will be your lifelong friend. Let go when necessary.

97. Don't let your license expire.

98. Don't complain about your friends on social media. They will find out.

99. Straightforwardness is key. Say exactly what you mean. Don't let people have the option to misunderstand you.

100. You will miss ex friends, but the ones who stick it out will always be better. Remember who was there for you when the others were not.