Trick-or-treating is the best when you ring the doorbell, the door opens, and the stranger greeting you at the door hands you a king-size Hershey bar. However, there are those few houses that you come across throughout the evening that don't place the best treats in your Halloween bag. Here are 10 weird items some people receive instead of the traditional candy bar.

1. Apples

Halloween is no holiday to be promoting healthy eating habits.

2. Hand Sanitizer

With all the bowls of candy that you are reaching into throughout the evening, you are bound to come across a few germs. What better way to sanitize than trick-or-treating for some hand sanitizer?! Kidding. I will wash my hands when I get home. Give me your candy.

3. Crackers

I'm neither sick nor about to have a piping bowl of soup, so, no thank you!

4. Hotel Shampoo & Conditioner

Some people collect the travel size shampoo and conditioner bottles that they receive in hotel rooms. I can supply myself with my own soap. Thanks, though.

5. Soda

Once soda gets tossed into my trick-or-treating bag, it's either leaking by the end of the night, or, when I go to open it later, it explodes.

6. Granola Bars

ONLY 4 grams of sugar?? Unacceptable.

7. Random Pamphlets

I will be disposing my chewed up Dubble Bubble in your pamphlets.

8. Toothbrushes

Those cheap toothbrushes that you get at the end of a dentist appointment do not suffice for Halloween treats, FYI.

9. Raisins

If it's not rotting my teeth, it's not a Halloween treat.

10. Whoppers

And this one just speaks for itself.