10 Ways Your Professors Are Extra
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Student Life

10 Ways Your Professors Are Extra

We both know I'm just trying to pass.

10 Ways Your Professors Are Extra
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1. Group Projects.

Nobody has to time to schedule group meetings outside of class. Bonus points on the extra scale if the prof doesn't let you choose your own groups.

2. When they take longer than a week to post grades on Blackboard.

Maybe this is understandable if they're grading papers or something, but most of the time it's just a scantron. Stick it through the scanner and let's see it!

3. When they give you a full on assignment for one bonus point.

I appreciate the gesture, but what difference will this make?

4. When they don't round grades.

Basic math: .5 or higher = round up.

5. When they don't post their PowerPoints online.

It is possible for me to pay attention, but still not catch every word you say.

7. When they scrutinize a doctor's note.

I went to the doctor, paid a copay, and have a signed note, why do you need more information? Would you like a video of me vomiting to prove I had the stomach flu?

8. When they go out of town and have their TA teach instead.

You're not here, so we shouldn't have to be either.

9. When they run out of time to teach a topic, but still put it on the final.

Somehow this always happens with complicated topics. It's OK, it's not like I pay thousands of dollars of tuition for you to teach me...oh wait...

10. When they don't post final grades until an hour before grades are due.

For one, it is possible you made an actual mistake in my grade. Also, I need time to argue my case as to why you should round up my grade (see #4).

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