10 Ways To Save Money If You're Kind Of Basic

10 Ways To Save Money If You're Kind Of Basic

It might be a good time to start brewing your own coffee.


Last week someone called me basic and I assumed that I should be offended, so I was -- but then I thought that I might as well admit it, I do have some similar interests to someone you might consider basic. Drinking overpriced Starbucks drinks out of my glittery Starbucks mug, absolutely all of the makeup being marketed on Instagram, putting too much effort into getting ready to go out, drinking too many expensive cocktails and using online shopping as an excuse to ‘treat myself."

But, whatever, we like what we like. So, if you’re like me and get pure enjoyment out of spending your hard earned cash on somewhat basic things you probably shouldn’t be spending your money on, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s ban together and save our pennies like real adults. We’re all in this together.

1. Brew your own damn coffee.

Every morning I would think to myself “I need to stop spending money on coffee,” as I stood in line for coffee. Then the day came when I didn’t have $3.16 to spare on a venti mocha iced coffee and I realized that I had a Keurig and my life changed forever.

2. Grow a pair and say no to the cute things on the internet.

You’re going to see a lot of cute sh*t that you’re going to want to buy somewhere on your many social media accounts - All 29 of the Kylie Lip Kits, that cute shirt you want for those plans you’ll probably bail on, that collection of juices that pretty Instagram model says will make you lose 10 pounds in five days - get it through your head that you don’t need any of it to survive, or get your a** off the internet. Whatever you do, don’t reach for your debit card.

3. Sell some sh*t.

It’s tough keeping up with the constant change in trends, especially when you absolutely NEED some of the newest stuff absolutely everyone is wearing; so it’s easy to accumulate a lot of clothes. I’m willing to bet if you take a deeper look into your closet, you’ll find a ton of sh*t you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing again - so take it to your nearest consignment shop or thrift store and sell it. Make some cash and some much-needed room in your closet.

4. Get used to finding dupes.

We’ve already come to peace with the fact that we’re kind of basic, so let’s all admit our favorite guilty pleasure - makeup. I know you’re going to want all of the new matte lipsticks and pallets being shoved down your throat, but you must overcome the urge. Follow accounts like DupeThat on Instagram. Find all the cheaper alternatives to the good stuff and just lie when people ask you what lip color you’re wearing.

5. Tell everyone you're growing your hair out.

I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t spend money on dying my hair for the past six years, I probably could've moved out by now. So, I decided to admit defeat and give my hair a much-needed break. I may not look like a supermodel, but my hair is getting healthier almost as fast as my wallet is growing thicker. Get it close to your natural color, take a dye break, tell everyone you’re growing your hair out, and save that $100+ every six weeks for something more important.

6. Learn how to do a good mani-pedi.

I had the world’s most beautiful stiletto nails for seven years. I also had to go to the nail salon and spend $50 every two to three weeks for seven years. Cool nails are amazing in the moment, but they won’t last forever. That house you might be able to afford if you stop spending so much money on your nails might, though.

7. Say no to designer.

I know that new Michael Kors bag in the window looks really good right now, but you really don’t need it. Go on ebay and find a cheaper alternative that looks exactly the same. It may not be what you want, but it also won’t cost the price of your next car payment.

8. Find a cookbook and get to work.

Yeah sure, you can go out to eat at the new place up the street or order take out, but don’t wonder where all your money went at the end of the week. I get it, I hate to cook too, but we all have to do things we don’t like. Stop being lazy, pick up a spatula and cook yourself dinner. If you’re too lazy for that, grab some lean cuisines or some ramen. It takes 2 minutes and 35 seconds of your time and it’s still cheaper than going out to eat for the fourth time this week.

9. Drink responsibly.

Skip out on happy hour a few times this month, and when you do go, say no to that second cocktail. Learn how to drink like an adult - from the bottle, on your couch, in front of the television. Getting drunk at home is a lot cheaper, safer and more enjoyable than going out, spending money and watching other people make bad decisions.

10. Save your pennies, literally.

I’ve been all about saving your change since I was a kid and I’m telling you, it pays off sometimes. It won’t pay your rent, but it can pay for a little gift for yourself down the road. I saved my change for six months and paid for my tattoo in full with it (after I went to a coinstar machine, obviously). Save your pennies for a rainy day, and buy yourself something nice.

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