It is the end of another semester, college students! The weekdays are seeming endless while the weekends seem to be on dub-speed. We are getting buried under all of our assignments and we are stressed out all of the time. I know it is tough to stay positive, but we can do it and summer is on the horizon! Here are 10 things you should do to get through the rest of the semester!

1. Study and do your assignments outside

Get out of your room every once in awhile and go outdoors. Sitting on a blanket on the quad and studying or getting work done is a lot more relaxing and less stressful than staying in your room all day. You also can get a tan and catch some rays while you study!

2. Puppy Time

The best way to relieve stress and lift your spirits is to play and cuddle with a dog. If you don't have your own dog, find a friend who does, or visit an animal shelter, they need love too.

3. Treat Yo' Self

You have worked so hard this semester. Whether you have gotten good or bad grades, you did your best and that's all that matters. With all the stress and worry this semester has caused you, you deserve a reward. Reward yourself by eating a big bowl of ice cream, buy some new clothes or even buy some books you have been wanting to read for awhile. Whatever it is that you love, treat yo' self!

4. Have Some 'You' Time

While it is very important to spend time with other people while you are coping with the stress, it is okay to spend time by yourself. Take some time to binge watch Netflix or read your favorite book. Your brain and body need a break!

5. Get Enough Sleep

I know there are so many papers to write and so much studying to do and so little time. However, it is totally fine to take a break from working and to sleep for a few hours. Your body needs it!

6. Spend time with your friends. You won't see them for the whole summer!

While it is totally fine to take sometime to yourself every now and then, you should hang out with other people and have some fun. Remember you won't see most of your friends during the summer!

7. Get off of campus every once in awhile

If you live on campus, you can begin to feel like you are trapped. Leave campus for a change of scenery every once and awhile. You can study in a coffee shop or even walk around downtown!

8. Exercise

It is a proven fact that exercise is a good stress reliever! Whether you just go on a walk or go to the gym, try to get some exercise everyday! It will make you a much happier, healthier and stress free person.

9. Plan Ahead

You may have five papers do on the same day, so plan your time accordingly where you aren't up all night, the day before they are all do!

10. Break up your work and play time

Be productive and get your assignments done, but also take breaks and have fun doing what you love with the people you love!