10 Ways To De-stress This December
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10 Ways To De-stress This December

When Christmas is on hold for exams, take a minute to be kind to yourself!

10 Ways To De-stress This December

When Christmas is on hold for exams, take a minute to be kind to yourself!

December can be a very stressful time with exams and final deadlines looming round every corner. The excitement of Christmas can often get overwhelming when Christmas gift lists for family members, and stressful family reunions come to mind. Sometimes it's just really important to try and control our stress levels to a more reasonable amount, so that you can think straighter, sleep better and be a healthier you!

1. Take time to reflect

Life can get really out of control sometimes when we don't have time to just sit and process what is happening around us, what we have coming up, and how much we have accomplished too. I am really bad at distracting myself by over thinking all the time, even when I should be concentrating on one thing, not the fact that I have to sort out a budget for this month, christmas presents, texting five friends back and my to do list for the rest of the week, all whilst typing a paper! Just take the time to pause and make coherent lists or write down some sort of plan!

2. Remember the small things

The small things around us are such a blessing, but can be so easily be taken advantage of when we are overwhelmed with studies or other things. Just enjoying a warm blanket or a nice hot apple cider, whilst writing a paper or reading your textbook can really help you to feel like there’s something to enjoy in life

3. Take a break!

When stress is building up over your head and you have twenty five things to do like paying your phone bill and doing emails, you may want to scream and rip up every paper you see. There are many times when taking a break is honestly the best option. Believe me you will be way more productive after pausing and having time to just watch a funny youtube video, or walk outside and enjoy the cold brisk winter air.

4. Make yourself a homemade hot chocolate or hot apple cider

There is nothing better than melting some chocolate and adding some fresh milk or cream to it to treat yourself. Apple cider can also be a real treat just buy a cheap jug of it from Walmart, warm it up, and add some fresh cinnamon sticks to it, some orange pieces, lemons, or cinnamon powder even, get creative!

5. Read your favorite book

If you are like me and are a nerdy bookworm outside of school, school readings can often take the joy of reading away from you. Don't let it! A great way to have a break or to send yourself to sleep without thinking about all the things you have to do, is to read your favorite book or even to listen to it on a audio file!

6. Take a nap with the fluffiest blanket you can find

I am the blanket queen, I think I have six blankets and I often sleep with at least three of them. My body, especially after little sleep, really benefits from naps even if they are power naps! I know this may not work for everyone, but sometimes wearing your fluffiest winter socks and curling up in a blanket in bed, can be a great way to de-stress.

7. Cook something festive

Tis' the season… to cook cookies, brownies, mince pies (please ask me if you want to know what these traditional British yummies are) and to generally become a winter squirrel; eating way too much and taking lots of naps! A good way to keep busy and to just enjoy the season is to get creative with some recipes for christmas!

8. Think of homemade Christmas gifts you can make

We all know how tight money can be for us broke college students, especially at this time of year! Relatives understand too and nothing is better than a homemade gift that shows that you have cared enough to put your time and love into something meaningful for a relative or friend.

9. Make a list of things you can do when the stress and chaos is over

A trick that has really helped me get through this period in my life before Christmas is writing a list of things I am excited to enjoy at Christmas. Thinking of things ahead, that are things to look forward to, can honestly be so useful in getting your mood in a happier place, if you don't have anything to look forward to, change that! Plan something to look forward too even if it's just something small like a countdown till school ends!

10. Be graceful with yourself

Putting enormous amounts of pressure on yourself is not helpful in the long run or for right now either! Remember that you are only human and that you can only do so much! Sleep, food, and time to relax or see friends are what keeps us going, don't completely abandon yourself or what your body wants just because of your studies!

The end of exams is near folks, don't lose heart!

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