10 Ways To Stay Healthy During The School Year
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Health and Wellness

10 Ways To Stay Healthy During The School Year

Staying healthy in college can be easy!

10 Ways To Stay Healthy During The School Year

Transitioning from high school to college is often difficult for many people. For the first time, you are on your own without having your parents by your side almost 24/7. One of the top goals that anyone first has when being on their own is staying healthy. This doesn't only mean staying healthy medically, but eating a healthy diet as well. Here are 10 ways that you can stay healthy during the school year:

1. Walking, and lots of it!

You may not want to go to the gym or begin a routine, so this is the next best thing to it. If it is a nice day and you aren't too far behind in work, take some time to get with a friend or two or even just by yourself and get out and walk around campus. You will be amazed at what you all discover and find! This will help to keep not only your body functioning properly, but give you a good dose of fresh air!

2. Protein

Sure, you may love the food the college has to offer you, but chances are that food is anything but protein. Make sure to always add protein to your diet to maintain a good energy level. Bring some of your favorite protein packed snacks from home and keep stocked up during the year!

3. Gym routine

Whether you go by yourself for a workout or get friends to be interested, try and start to make a routine of it! You will be surprised at how much you enjoy working out once you get used to it and have someone there with you. This is a great way to stay in shape and keep a healthy life style during one of the hardest transitions.

4. Drink water

Yes, I know, it is college, but you don't have to be on a strict "water only" diet. If you drink a more solid and larger amount of water each day, you will begin to notice that you feel much better than you did before you started incorporating water in your diet!

5. Keep up on shots and yearly visits

Making sure you go to the doctor is a key factor to staying healthy! Your campus should have a medical center, they will probably offer any vaccines that you would need such as a flu shot. But in addition to this, make sure you continue your yearly visits with any doctors you see.

6. Fruits and vegetables

We all get tired of hearing our moms tell us to eat fruit and vegetables, but she knows what she is talking about! Eating fruits and vegetables will allow your body to fuel faster and stay energized longer rather than if you binged on junk food all the time.

7. Clean, Clean, Clean!

Cleaning your dorm room is one way to help you stay healthy. This is an easy way to fight off most bacteria and keep germs away!

8. Get help when needed

Holding something in that is bothering you is not healthy in anyway. Make sure that you always have someone you feel comfortable with talking if anything is ever bothering you. All campuses have some kind of counseling center - don't be embarrassed to take advantage of it!

9. Yoga

College is very stressful at times and stress tears a body apart. Try some yoga, you will find yourself stress free after a few yoga classes!

10. Get outside

Don't stay locked in your dorm all the time. Fresh air and nature is one of the best ways to relieve a stress filled mind!

College doesn't have to be as stressful as it sounds. There are 10 ways to stay healthy during the school year!

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