Game of Thrones fans, rejoice! HBO has given us the release date for the newest season: April 12th, 2015. In honor of the approach of Season 5, here are 10 ways being in a sorority is eerily similar to living in Westeros:

1. Everyone is fiercely loyal to their own house's symbols and sigils.

Just like every noble family in Game of Thrones, sorority girls are always repping their own symbols. While the Game of Thrones characters might choose to show their house pride via flags and tapestries instead of on shirts, bags, koozies, and wine glasses, the general idea behind it is the same. Lions, bears, roses, and crowns ... am I naming Game ofT sigils or sorority symbols?

2. Sometimes you find a girl you love and trust, and you immediately know she should be a sister.

Even Margaery Tyrell and Sansa Stark know the feeling of finding your very own rush crush. Sometimes everything works out and you have a brand new sister running home to you on bid day, and sometimes the king is poisoned and you're forced to run away to the other side of the country. You know, the usual.

3. Dressing up for events and socials is always the highlight of any sorority girl's/noble woman's day. 

In Game of Thrones, the ladies put on their very best to attend royal weddings and inaugurations. In the sorority world, we do the same, except instead of weddings, it's socials and mixers. Considering how dangerous the social events are in Westeros, I'll take grab-a-dates over a Red Wedding any day.

4. Even amidst all the competition and fun events, a girl is never too busy for philanthropy work.

Like Margaery, even when there are weddings and balls (read: socials) to be planning and attending, a good sorority girl still makes it a point to put the people first. Sorority girls pride themselves on raising thousands of dollars a year for their favorite philanthropies. We might not get to be driven to our charity events in fancy carriages, but oh well ... you win some, you lose some.

5. Getting sent to judicial is never a good time.

Whether you're in the Seven Kingdoms or on Greek Row, no one likes being punished. To be fair, getting sent to standards or judicial for poorly representing your organization is not nearly as bad as getting sent to Joffrey for punishment. I mean sure, you might have to miss a social or two, but at least you get to keep your head. 

6. Girls prove over and over that they can do anything they set their minds to.

One of the best thing about Game of Thrones is that it is constantly showing us that women are just as fierce and dangerous as the men of the show. The show proves that even if you're soft-hearted like Sansa, wild like Arya, cunning like Cersei, or a boss like Danaerys, you are not to be trifled with. If there's anything sorority girls are not, it's weak. We put hours and hours of hard work into raising money for charity, keeping our grades up, recruiting new sisters, and participating in intramural events. And we do it all in heels! 

7. Meetings are necessary, but definitely not the highlight of your day.

The Game of Thrones cast might call it "Small Council," but every sorority girl knows that they really mean "Chapter." Just like Small Council, girls in sororities come together to discuss finances, rivalries, and how to make the kingdom sorority prosper. Robert Baratheon was famous for never going to his weekly meetings ... just like a few sorority girls I know.

8. You have "family" all across the nation, thanks to your house.

Just like Ellaria Sand, sorority girls have thousands of sisters across the country. Game of Thrones houses have large families and very intricate family history, meaning that the characters in certain houses have safe places to go to across the Seven Kingdom when they need help. Whenever a sorority girl needs help, she just needs to reach out to one of her tens of thousands of sisters to get it — no matter the city or state.

9. Sometimes you get into fights with a sister. 

It's impossible for every single girl in a sorority to be constantly chipper, so there is bound to be tension once in a while. Maybe it's because a sister borrowed your shoes without asking or maybe it's because she's plotting to steal your throne by marrying your eldest son. At the end of the day, you remember that you're sisters for a reason, and you go back to laughing and gossiping about what the boys over in the next house were doing. 

10. No matter what happens, you'd never be disloyal.

Even when you're fighting or you're being forced to sit through hours of boring meetings, you know that the love you have for your sisters and your sorority is strong. Just like Missandei and Daenerys, you and your sisters watch out for each other and ultimately, want the best for your kingdom — errr ... chapter. The secrets and rituals of your house are sacred, and you will always have your sisters' backs.