10 Ways My Uncles Stepped Up
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10 Ways My Uncles Stepped Up

Thank you for always being the father figures in my life.

10 Ways My Uncles Stepped Up

I cannot express how thankful I am for having two amazing uncles in my life. Growing up, they always seemed to be there for me, even when they lived hours away. I didn’t understand how significant those visits would be when I got older. Now, as I reflect on everything they have done for me, I realize they were more than uncles. They were the father figures I longed for. The role they played in raising me is far greater than they realize. It’s time I thank them for stepping up and caring for me as more than a niece, but as if I was another daughter. Here are ten small ways they made a huge difference in my life.

1. Pep talks.

Thank you for the pep talks. You always seemed to know when something was bothering me. Just a little “you can do this” went a long way. You gave me the confidence to continue in any of my activities and to do the best I can.

2. Phone calls and messages.

Thank you for the phone calls and text messages. Countless days were brightened because you took those few extra minutes to see how I was doing.

3. Playing board games.

Thank you for playing board games with me. There’s no doubt I got my competitive side from both of you. From clever to cunning, you taught me how to win any game as long as I’m not playing you.

4. Giving life advice.

Thank you for the life advice. From colleges to careers, you played a part in the big decisions I made.

5. Even giving the unsolicited advice about boys.

Yes, thank you for questioning me about every boy in my life. You won’t hear me say this again, but I needed the advice you gave me. I needed the pestering. You made me picky and cautious about my choices in that field. I appreciate those lessons more than I like to admit.

6. Making me laugh.

I love our family’s sense of humor. Especially yours. There’s never a dull moment. Some days, I wish I could bottle up that laughter and use it in my saddest moments.

7. Asking about my future plans.

Thanks for always being curious about my future plans. It was nice knowing you genuinely cared about what I did with my life. I always chose based off of what would make you proud.

8. Always being there for me.

Whether we were hours apart or sitting in the same living room, you were always there for me. Thank you for that. It’s hard to feel alone when you know someone is always around to help.

9. Loving me unconditionally.

Thank you for always loving me, no matter what.

10. Just being there.

Most importantly, thank you for just being there. You went to every family event you could make it to. This is really all I wanted. To know someone was making the effort to see me. I never doubted your presence, so thank you for giving me a piece of stability.

Thank you for everything! You may not have realized the difference you were making in my life, but I will never forget the role you played in making me who I am.

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