10 Reasons I Am Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone In 2019
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10 Reasons I Am Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone In 2019

Everyone needs a little change here and there in life.

10 Reasons I Am Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone In 2019

1. To make progress

This is the most obvious one. If you want to achieve something new, or want to change something in your personal, job or love life you're gonna have to leave your comfort zone to get there. You won't get a higher position if you don't change something and try out different ways to get there. You're also not gonna develop a deeper bond with friends or loved one if you don't start talking to each other outside of your comfort zone, even if some conversations can be very uncomfortable.

2. To find yourself

If you really want to get to know yourself it's important that you take yourself on lots of new adventures and experiences. It doesn't always have to be a month of traveling through Nepal, it can be all these little things and it will be different for each individual. Remember to try something new, even if it seems like a super scary thing to do, you will always be smarter afterward. This world can be a very overwhelming place, and sometimes it easy to get lost in the flow of people, to lose your path just a little bit. Change can be scary and it will certainly make you feel worried and very uncomfortable, but it's the right thing to do.

3. To find out what you enjoy

Whether you're looking for a new hobby or want to change your career path, to find out what you enjoy doing it's always good to try out some new things. That often involves going to different classes and courses and meeting lots of new people. For some of us that can be very scary and exhausting. But nothing is better than the feeling of finding something that gives you joy and that excites you. If you're not there yet, don't worry: you'll get there!

4. To be there for someone

Now I'm certainly not saying that you need to feel deeply uncomfortable to be there for someone, but sometimes being a good friend, family member, partner or even colleague means being just a uncomfortable yourself. Honestly talking about a thing that annoys you about them recently, even though you're not the biggest fan of confrontation, will show them that your value and care about them. Tell them that whatever you're doing for/with them is a little out of your comfort zone, but you're doing it for them because you love and appreciate them, and that you're thankful, that they're helping you to keep on developing as a person.

5. For love

Oh, the things we do for love! Now I'm definitely not saying that your relationship should be out of your comfort zone, your partner should make you feel safe and loved, not uncomfortable. However, sometimes it's not the worst thing to be pushed out of your usual habits just a little bit. Ever met someone who gave you all the feels, but lived a completely different life than you did? Don't change everything about you, but maybe this special someone will make you realize things, or ask you to change some things, that you were never aware of. Might just be that you tend to avoid conflicts and all they want is to fight and make up! Listen to what your special someone says, and see where it might be worth stepping out of your comfort zone a teeny tiny bit.

6. To stop yourself from being hurt

Despite all these things, that you can do to achieve something new, to take your life into a new direction, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to make sure you don't get hurt. If you are me you're someone who likes to give all they have to offer to people that are important to you, you feel yourself hurt and empty quite often. In those moments it's important to step back and take yourself out of the war zone!

7. For a fresh start

Starting fresh, haven't we all dreamed of it or at least thought of it at some point? There will be times where nothing feels quite right and you feel like you're just not going anywhere. If you feel stuck and maybe a bit bored, starting something fresh could be your way out of it. Whether the means moving somewhere different, starting a new career path or simply just starting a new hobby. All these things can be very scary but they are a great step out of your comfort zone and an amazing way to learn and make new experiences!

8. To not end up all alone

This is probably a big fear of so many people: Being lonely. No matter if you've just moved to a different city or started a new job where you don't really know anyone yet. If you don't want to spend every day on your own, you'll have to do something. Start conversation with people, start going to courses or clubs…you just have to put yourself out there! I know from personal experience that that can be very hard, but it's oh so worth it and will fill your life with the most amazing friendships! Don't worry, there will still be enough time to spend mornings in bed with Netflix on your own.

9. Because someone asks you to

Now this one might sound a bit weird, but there are times in life where you will be put into situations where you don't have a choice but to step out of your comfort zone. This could involve changes at work or wanting to help a friend out. Sometimes there is no way around it. Of course, it's important to say no if you're really feeling super uncomfortable, but sometimes it's to just get it over with.

10. Because it feels great!

Ever had that amazing feeling that you get when you did something that you've been scared of doing for so long? And it turns out to be not even half as scary as you thought it would be? That feeling when you just did it, even though it had cost you weeks of sleepless night, worrying about how it would go? Life can be super scary, and different things will be difficult for different people. But in the end, even though it was scary, wasn't it so worth it??

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