10 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

10 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

There's always that one immense breakup that will forever change you.

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I'm sure most of you girls out there have been through some breakups; however, there's always that one immense breakup that will forever change you.

What people don't understand who haven't been through a heartbreak is that it's literally the worst pain one can experience and there's nothing anyone can say or do to make it go away. You go from having someone to talk to/ text 24/7 to not having them at all. You're stuck constantly wondering what that person is doing and who they may be talking to.

Here are some ways that can mend your broken heart and get you back on track to being you.

1. Binge eat and cry.

Eat all of the Ben & Jerry's you want. Call your best friend and watch some movies (I do not recommend romantic ones) and cry. Stay in your sweats all day, leave your hair a mess, and wallow in your sadness. It's better to get all of those tears out sooner than later.

2. Hit the gym.

There's no better place to take out your anger and frustration. Not only are you bettering yourself but you're also getting your mind off of things. Take this time alone to really find yourself, and who know's you might just find yourself a new hobby!

3. Do something weird.

Get a new haircut, change your hair color, get a new piercing, get a tattoo. Sometimes changing something about yourself can be refreshing, it gives you a new sense of change and the idea that you're not the same you that you were when you all dated.

4. Be a creep.

The worst thing you can do is unfollow your ex on social media because this automatically shows that you're not only salty but then you can't creep. Although it may hurt like hell, check out his Instagram, see who's pics he's liking, see who's tweets he's favoriting. Your stomach might drop straight to the ground but seeing that he's moving on can give you the motivation to do the same. Someone's social media says a lot about who they are after a breakup.

5. Do NOT react.

What's even worse than unfollowing your ex is retweeting/tweeting depressing things all over your twitter. Not only are you making yourself look pathetic but you're also scaring off any other guys who might be interested. Stay neutral, tweet things you always have, post pics with your friends and most importantly post a FIRE selfie to get that confidence back up.

Do not delete all of your pics together, you will regret it. You might be mad, and maybe he already did, but you can't delete the fact that he was a part of your life for some time. Sure, delete a few of the recent ones so it is clear that you're single but leave the ones with the best memories.

6. Have a night out.

Get some friends together and do something fun. Whether it's drinking a few, going out to dinner, hitting the mall, whatever it takes. Laughing with friends is one of the best ways to get your happiness back on track.

7. Flirt but don't throw yourself into something.

There's nothing wrong with doing some flirting, but don't over do it. You're vulnerable, mad, sad, and possibly jealous. Getting with someone else is the worst way to get back at him. Give yourself time to get over your ex before throwing yourself into something serious, because that could potentially break someone else's heart. Flirting is good because it gets you back in the swing of things, but be careful.

8. Do NOT contact him.

Like I said, you're vulnerable and sad. Just when you think you're over him that song will come on the radio, get you in the feels, and tempt you to text him... DON'T. Let him text you first. Contacting him isn't going to help you get over him and it could potentially make you look desperate. Have some self-respect and let things be. This might be the hardest part of the breakup but will save you some regret in the long run.

9. Take some time to yourself.

You've been used to putting your thoughts, time, and effort into someone else. Take some alone time and be selfish. Maybe you haven't been balancing time correctly with your friends and family. Focus your time towards them that you've been missing out on.

Read a book, go for a run, finish a Netflix series, do whatever YOU feel inclined to do.

10. Get your mind off him.

Stop sleeping in his sweatshirt, stop looking at the picture frame on your nightstand, and get his ballcap out of your front seat. Bag up all the things that remind you of him up. Don't be immature and burn it like some people do. Just set it somewhere you won't see it. Getting your space clear of him gives you fewer chances of missing him.

Avoid restaurants that you all went to, take a different way home, listen to a new band, try a new favorite candy. Do whatever it takes to get him off of your mind.

If learn anything from a breakup I hope it's the realization that it is okay to be alone. Girls often get used to being with somebody, and sometimes a relationship can be more of a habit than a relationship. Make sure you are the one that comes out a better person; stay respectful, and don't retaliate. It's important that you are comfortable with being alone before you jump into anything else.

Remember, God does not put you in positions you cannot handle. God has a reasoning behind this, there's someone out there he has planned for you. You might not meet him today, tomorrow, or a week from now. Be patient. Pray.

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