11 Ways You Know You're An Education Major
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Student Life

11 Ways You Know You're An Education Major

We've all been there.

11 Ways You Know You're An Education Major

Whether anyone wants to say it or not, those who want to be educators are a special breed. They have this unseen energy that keeps them going all day (thank you, coffee), and they always see the best in people and have the urge to help everyone. These 10 ways to know you’re an education major are just the beginning of your life as the Ms. Frizzle of today.

1. You’re still a student, and you know how you’re going to decorate your classroom.

Whatever level you want to teach, you usually get to design your own classroom for the year. Every time you go shopping you see something you must have for your classroom, even if you’re not sure where or when you’re going to be teaching.

2. You know what type of style you’re going to have as a teacher.

Teachers have so many different types of styles: old fashion, funky and hip are just a few! You can already see yourself teaching in front of your class with the perfect outfit to accompany the perfect lesson plan.

3. You’re planning to be a teacher for the right reasons.

Everybody wants a teacher who cares about their students. You are already planning on how to be relatable with your students, no matter the age difference between them and you. You want to be the teacher students come to for any sort of help, and you want to make a difference in at least one student’s life.

4. You’ve wanted to be a teacher since you were little.

Admit it: You always wanted to play “school” and you always had to be the teacher. You gave assignments to your “students” and wrote all of your lesson plans down on your chalk board.

5. You love writing in pen.

When taking notes in class, writing in pen just looks smoother than pencil. If you edit your work or a friend's, you make sure to use a pen because it looks so professional and perfect.

6. Staying out late? Never heard of it.

You like to go out every now and then, but you know what’s coming. Your schedule is about to go from going to sleep whenever and waking up whenever to working at least a 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. day, plus the grading that comes after school gets out. You need to start getting your sleep schedule in order before your first big day as a teacher comes along.

7. You already have your stories planned.

Everyone knows a good teacher tells a few stories (good or bad) every now and then. You have a couple up your sleeve from your own school days and school activities, and you still have time to make some in college!

8. You like correcting things.

You love when your friends ask you to go over any type of assignment, in fact, you encourage it! It’s all practice for your dream job, plus you get to write in pen!

9. If you’re planning to teach at the secondary level, you’re totally invested in your subject.

If you’re planning to teach English, you catch everyone’s little grammatical mistakes (in papers or in conversation). If you’re planning to teach history, you know the answers to almost all trivia questions – and if you don’t, you make sure to Google it later. Soon-to-be math teachers love helping their friends with their math problems and are always up for a challenge.

10. You're great at motivation.

You're one of the first someone comes to when they don't understand or don't want to complete something. You are good at explanations and you push people to try their hardest at everything they do. You completely believe that the more you practice something the better you will become at at!


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