10 Ways Distance Strengthens Friendships
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10 Ways Distance Strengthens Friendships

When you need to talk to someone, you go right to them because they know you more than you know yourself.

10 Ways Distance Strengthens Friendships

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

1. You're more intentional when you do get time together. 

Because of your limited time together, the conversations that you do have are really valuable. You can look forward to this time to talk to them, whether it's a phone call or FaceTime. Being intentional with this time is so important because you haven't seen them in a while and want to care for them.

2. The memories you have together are more appreciated.

When you think of times you had together, you can't help but get excited to see them again. You appreciate those memories because maybe at that time you didn't know how amazing they were. Sometimes, it's so easy to forget to treasure times with friends because you don't realize that time in the future won't be so convenient.

3. You look forward to seeing each other after a longer time of period.

After talking to each other when you're apart, you get that much more excited to see each other again. Being apart helps you realize how much you care for that person and the impact that they have had on your life.

4. You realize how much time you spent with each other in the past.

Because time was so convenient, you never realize how much time you actually spend together until you don't have that time. And most of the time, you realize this when you're separated, and usually wishing you noticed it earlier.

5. Better and deeper conversations (limited time to talk, catching up)

The time you have together to catch up means that there's no time for small talk. You don't know when you'll talk again and usually time is limited.You dive into deep life talks right away. After leaving for college, I missed midnight drives and deep meaningful talks with my people. So, when I FaceTime or see my best friends, I long for those times to get real.

6. Pictures become nostalgic reminders of your friendship

Every white space in my room is covered in pictures. A simple 4 X 6 picture hold so much meaning and emotion now that I don't see those people on a regular basis. One picture can be the only thing I need to go down memory lane and think about that day or adventure. And right away, I text those people and reminisce on those meaningful times of just being in each other's presence.

7. When you need to talk to someone, you go right to them because they know you more than you know yourself.

When you're going through something, you know that these friends know you incredibly well. They've been with you through the darkest and lightest parts of your life, so you feel safe going to them. You know that they'll say exactly what you need to hear, or are always ready for a venting session.

8. You make sacrifices to make time for each other and its always worth it.

There will be times that you're busy overwhelmed and won't be able to call them or talk to them that day. But because you want to talk to them, you organize your time so that you can hear their voice and find comfort in that security. Whether that's skipping that TV show for the night or putting together a study schedule to avoid procrastinating, you consciously make decisions to spend time with them. But when you do make those sacrifices, you know that this time is exactly what you needed to decompress.

9. Can't avoid conflicts (limited time to talk, have to resolve quickly)

Conflicts are hard when you're with people, but even harder when you are separated by a distance. Although, with the distance, you have to confront them head on when you would normally push them to the side. This strengthens your ability to confront people or situations and grows your relationship through adversity. You learn more by seeing each other's tendencies and can better care for each other through them.

10. More independent in the relationship

You have to take it upon yourself to spend time with that person. This means that you are intentionally thinking about them and wanting to be with each other. Making this time is strengthening your relationship because it is a conscious effort to talk to each other instead of a convenience.

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