Time is ticking.... the Fall Semester is almost over and winter is coming (literally). Finals are approaching and term papers are catching up. Stress is taking over our minds and universe.

Okay, maybe not the universe, but it sure does feel like that. What is the best remedy for stress and finals you may ask? Easy: procrastination. Here are 10 ideal ways to waste your precious time.

1. Look Up Luxurious and Bank Account Breaking Vacation Spots

Iceland, Bora Bora, Dubai, and so much more. You name it, you look it up.

2. Re-Watch The Office Over Again for the 6th Time

Any other show on Netflix will also suffice.

3. Look Up Unfamiliar Countries on Google Maps

Where is Djibouti? Where is Nauru? Where is Portugal (If you have to look up where Portugal is you should be ashamed of yourself at this point)?


4. Watch Youtube Videos of Past Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows

Okay maybe this is just something I do... but I highly recommend it.

5. Have a Dance Party in Your Room to Christmas Music

You have to get in the spirit soon anyway.

6. Keeping Up with the Trumps

Let's be honest, everything Trump does as President is laughable.

7. Sleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

8. Plan Your 21st Birthday Party Celebration

It is never too early to plan when you are getting lit.

9. Learn Some New Trendy Recipes from Buzzfeed

Food? Yes please.

10. Stop Procrastinating and Do Your Work You Lazy Animal