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10 Ways Retail Workers Can Remain Sane During Black Friday, For The Most Part

"No you can not speak with my manager right now, she's currently crying in the bathroom."

10 Ways Retail Workers Can Remain Sane During Black Friday, For The Most Part
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November, a time of being thankful for family and friends and also a time of people losing their friggin mind over ~sales~. I remember the days of enjoying this frantic "shopping holiday." I remember eagerly waking up at 3:00 am and digging through mountains of clothes at Forever 21 with my sister and mom. Then I grew up and had to get a job, and now all I know is darkness.

How does one prepare for the iced-coffee-fueled mobs waiting outside the doors of the store you work at? I remember I once made eye contact with one of these dedicated shoppers through the glass door as I clocked in for my shift from hell. It was like looking at a dementor. But now, after working Black Friday for a number of years, I have decided to share some wisdom for any fellow retail workers on how they can maintain their sanity during this trying time.

1. Get a good night's sleep


I mean this is kind of an obvious, but I still never get enough sleep. I will forever look dead in the eyes.

2. Wear something comfortable


Catch me sporting baked-potatoes slippers on Black Friday.

3. Mentally prepare yourself for disappointment


Even though you are probably trying your best, people will get upset with you for reasons you can't control. Don't let it get to you. They're sleep deprived zombies that only want sales. You'll most likely never see them again.

4. Stay positive


Yes, a herd of people just trampled over you for a buy one get 2 belts sale. It will be okay. Things should only go up from there.

5. Drink caffeine


Unless you don't like drinking caffeine. Then don't. But I would.

6. Don't constantly check the time


Clock: 5:00 a.m.

*What feels like an eternity of stress*

Clock: 5:04 a.m.

7. Pack a lunch or make sure your work is providing food


Actual footage of me finally getting to eat on Black Friday.

8. Hide


^ ^ ^ me when I hear a customer complaining.

9. Just keep smiling


Remember: you get to go home after this hell ends.

10. Remember that you will eventually be paid


Remembering the sheer fact that you will be paid goes a much longer way than you think.

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