Why Shopping In Walmart Is The Worst
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21 Thoughts You Have Shopping At Walmart When You Absolutely Dread Shopping At Walmart

You tell yourself you're never coming back to Walmart every time.

Shopping at Walmart

Have you ever dreaded going somewhere? I know you have. Maybe you dread getting a haircut, going to the doctor or just getting out of bed (we've all been there).

For me, I dread going to a particular place. I dread going to Walmart.

Don't get me wrong here. Walmart has some good qualities. The prices aren't usually too bad, and they often have a variety of items to choose from. The only reason I can't stand going to the store is that I have the same thoughts every time I go there.

There's the familiar sight of hundreds of people running around the store like maniacs trying to find what they need. Then there's that smell. It's a Walmart smell.

If you've ever found yourself questioning life, or just Walmart in general, you can definitely relate to these.

1. Let’s just get this over with.

I'll be in and out in 10 minutes. This will be a fast trip. (Three hours later…)

2. These stupid carts are the worst.


Why do the wheels never work on these shopping carts, and why do they always make weird sounds?

3. It smells in here.

Do you smell that? It's Walmart. It's a mixture of food, cleaning products and something you can't quite figure out.

4. It's so crowded. I can’t move.

I can't even turn my cart around. I'm stuck on this aisle.

5. I think I’m lost. This store is like a maze.

I just needed one thing, and now I can't find my way out.

6. Wait, paper towels used to be in this aisle. Where’d they go?

They moved the darn paper towels again.

7. That kid is too old to be pitching a fit.

How old is that kid? He must be at least 10.

8. Wow, he’s pitching a fit over Goldfish.

Really? He's crying over Goldfish?

9. There are so many babies crying.

These babies can cry really loudly.

10. I’m about to join those crying babies.


If I don't leave here, I will start crying like these babies.

11. Why does no one ever smile?

I never see anyone who works here smile…

12. I wonder if the people who work here enjoy their jobs.

If you don't like people, don't work here.

13. Why is the floor sticky?

There's something on the floor. I'm scared to look.

14. Why do people walk so slow?

I will bump my cart into yours if you don't move.

15. I’m not even halfway through this store.

This store just goes on forever…

16. I can’t find anything. STOP REARRANGING THE STORE.

Why do they have to move everything?

17. Now to find an open checkout lane.

Please let there be an open lane or a short line.

18. Why are only three people checking out customers?

WHY? The store is packed. There needs to be more than three open checkout lanes.

19. I’m never going to leave here.

I'll be here for another hour easily.

20. HOLY COW. Did I really just drop that much money here?

It's so easy to spend a fortune here.

21. I loathe this place.

I really can't stand this store, but I know I'll be back next week.

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