10 Must Watch Rom-Coms
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10 Must Watch Rom-Coms

We all know you want to cancel your plans and put those sweats on.

10 Must Watch Rom-Coms
Kate Stone

A gorgeous, yet quirky girl, with a serial track record of picking the wrong guy is down in the dumps, but by the end of the movie she’ll realize that her best friend was the right guy for her all along. They are cheesy, they are predictable and they give us the ending we want every time: They are Rom-Coms. Even though I am not naïve enough to think that any of these plots could actually happen to me in real life a girl can still dream, right? There is something addictive about them, so time and time again I find myself clicking on the movies I’ve see 20 times and settling into bed with a bowl of popcorn. If you’re anything like me you have probably already seen the movies in this list at least twice, but if you’re new to the genre I want to give a few recommendations from a seasoned veteran.


Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey may be the most beautiful onscreen couple to ever exist. McConaughey plays the classic man afraid of commitment that realizes he just needed the right girl to make him want to settle down. The cringiness of Hudson’s personal experiment in girlfriend clichés and McConaughey’s arrogant ego, makes for a hysterical plot.

P.S It’s in my top 5 favorite movies of all time


I’m not sure this one is truly considered a romantic comedy, but I have always thought that the dramatic and sad element of the movie is contrasted by many comedic events. We tend to think that rom-coms are just about a girl finally finding a man, but I love that this one is about a girl finding herself after tragedy. After my 15th time watching, I decided I want to make my way over to Ireland for a study abroad trip and maybe I’ll find my own Gerald Butler.


I think most of us can relate to the feeling of having someone be just not quite as attracted to us as we are to them… for example Zac Efron. (I really think if he just go to know me we could be great together though.) This movie is relatable and the cast isn’t too shabby either with names like Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.


If only Will Smith really could teach every man to be as charming as he is. Even the Prince of Bel Air himself needed to get his ego knocked down a peg though. I think we all wish that the games Smith’s character plays in this movie could stop and dating could be more straight forward.


Has Sandra Bullock or Ryan Reynolds ever made a movie that wasn’t great? The boss employee relationship is perfect because of Bullocks independent woman personality, but her awkward humor makes the movie that much better. The best part has to be Betty White in the forest dancing though.


As an almost millennial baby, to me this is a classic. Even though I obviously wasn’t alive when it first came out, I’ve made up but watching the two stubborn characters turn their friendship into love more than once or twice.


Heath Ledger in his prime should be reason enough for you to watch this one, but if you need more convincing it the perfect high school love story. A girl who is a bit head strong and doesn’t get the “popular girl” attention and the charming new kid figuring out love.


“As if!” This is such a timeless, funny take on the popular girl realizing that the nice, smart guy is better than the pretty faces.The 90s fashion is also a definite plus.


Anyone who keeps a diary will relate to the candid commentary of 32-year-old Bridget Jones as she attempts to take control of her life and make her opinions known.


This one is so under rated! First of all, it has Ryan Reynolds again… need I say more? His character is a young father whose daughter wants to hear the story about how he met her mother. The entire thing is a guessing game, but the ending will leave you happy I promise.

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